Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Holiday

                                                        Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas
                              View from our hotel balcony, Cairns at dusk 

We have just returned home from a lovely week in Port Douglas and 3 days in Cairns. Ahh yes! Beautiful one day, perfect the next (as the slogan says). We were not disappointed. I didn't want to go (for many reasons) but of course once on the plane, one must go-with-the-flow. We stayed with our Tassie friends in their delicious apartment, just a stone's throw from Four Mile Beach. All we really did was relax. That was the idea, what is required. Relaxing brekkies in our just-around-the-corner cafes, relaxing walks on the beach and streets, relaxing lunches, relaxing swims, relaxing reading, relaxing dinners and yes ..relaxing ice-creams!!!
Ahh yeh, thats right, I didn't want to go.....
While our friends went home to the cold, we then had 3 days grace in Cairns. So different to Port Douglas but still wonderful. A must see, Rusty's Market is full of the most delicious fruit and veg. Paw Paw, pineapple, bananas, strawberries all of which we had to consume before coming back to SA. (quarantine). A day trip south to Innisfail to visit friends then back to Cairns ready for home. I wish I could've stayed for .....

                                             Jemima slowly blowing out Papa's candles.

Back with a thump, to the freshness (thats a 'kind' word) of the Hills, Kym's birthday dinner with all the family including the much-missed 'little girls' and my Garden (Applique) Club today @ the shop.
So much for a holiday....Still when the opportunity arises...

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