Saturday, August 30, 2008

Well the SALE is nearly over, making room for new fabrics etc. and a re-arrange. I keep saying I'm going to re-arrange but it might not happen exactly how Im thinking. It's all about room!! Lovely to see many of my 'faithful' customers.

Just had the 'Civil War Legacy' quilt quilted, now ready to hand sew the binding. It's been ready for awhile, then my visitors arrived and still the quilt sits.... maybe tomorrow.

It has been such an enjoyable class, we'll have it again next year. Sara has lots of snippets of history about the 'Civil War' to share as you stitch. Her sample is in blue and beige, so nice and different to this pink, green and brown.
cheers for now, Jane

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Visitors have gone..

Have had a few days off, due to some US friends dropping by. The first day I took the ladies around the Hills and the Barossa while the men had a cherry conference. Had a tasty gourmet basket of cheese etc. for lunch @ Maggie Beers. Wine tasting @ Grant Burge and Nepenthe to name a few. The Old Woollen Mill /Market @ Lobethal is delightful for another afternoons outing. ITs lovely having visitors, its like being on holidays yourself! Lots of good food and wine seems to be consumed. 2 left Friday evening, 2 more this morning. Tasmanian friend was here for 3 days last week and another from NSW.
Back to the normal 6 of us. For how long? Thanks to Sara and Jessica who manned (womaned) the fort.
Must now get ready for our Sale this week. Get the head around work again. Not too difficult.