Sunday, January 31, 2010

We grabbed a Mini Break!

I've been lucky this week, I only worked 3 days! It started with a mini break last 'long' weekend to Mt. Gambier...south of our State. DH had to get away before he did something 'rash' he said.. after such a awful cherry season...
So we enjoyed a bit of shopping, bit of resting, bit of eating and drinking, bit of visiting with friends. What better way of spending a four day break!
We cruised down to Pt. Macdonnell and Nelson one day, after dropping by the Blue Lake. Yes, this is the real colour (during Summer)!!
On Saturday we went to 'A Day On The Green' to see Ronan Keating. With supporting acts, Damien Leith and Tina Arena, at a lovely winery.
We enjoyed a picnic supplied by Vicki and Stuart, good music and great weather. It was hot but once the sun set and the full moon rose behind the stage it was perfect.

If you have ever wondered about the 'Day on the Green'... go .. they are great!

Especially when there is a hot artist on the bill! Ronan is pretty cute!

I know I'm a week late blogging..... but I've been so busy!
Till next time.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

more blogging..

I would really like to blog more regularly. I read all these lovely ladies blogs and what they have made or have done but just don't get to blog myself... its not hard.. I don't have to have a photo.. text is fine sometimes... right?....SO the plan is....I will really, really try and blog weekly or at least fortnightly!
Just to let you know or show, things happening.. derr.. that is what a blog is...yeh
Okay, I have just received pics of blocks for our new program (like Quiltaid) 'Pieces of the Past' Web Sampler. There are nine blocks designed by Michelle Yeo and nine shops will have a kit available of one block each, as well as a Finishing Kit. Fabrics used are 'Civil War Tribute Collection'.

We have the new patterns from Red Brolly. 'Animal Crackers' BOM Full set of patterns available @ the moment. Kits will be available soon.

And another quilt kit using 'Hope Valley' by Denyse Schmidt. Pretty nice!
We will have this as display next week. Sara has made a sample. This would be perfect for the trendy home maker or younger relative.

The shed will be open tomorrow. The 'Tour Down Under' passes through but I will be here! Amongst all the bikes.
I have just finished another red pinwheels quilt. Like the one I made for Ruby (past blog).
We will have kits available, once I do the pattern. Not just red either, we will have all sorts of colours.
Maybe I'll leave it here, for today. Lots more to tell you later, Jane

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blog List is happening again...

Well, I'm getting some of my blog list back. What a job....if you were on the list and not now, I would love to hear from you.... most probably the reason being that I haven't got your address...or (sorry) forgotten... Beware! do not press DELETE when not really paying attention!

I received a lovely 'surprise' gift from a good friend for Xmas. A silver 'Brighton' Business Card Case. We were in the States together a few years back, when we both bought some 'Brighton' a necklace and earrings and (on a another trip) a watch. She has just been to Houston Quilt Market and on her travels, went to Brighton and bought me home this. Gorgeous! During my holidays I actually did finish something.!!! This stitchery of a Sewing Girl. There is a whole series of 'old fashioned' stitcheries like these by Lakadaisies, which I love. I stitched it with Presencia perle thread... not dividing and only one colour. So much easier!! I can see why Red Work is so popular!

Last weekend we did some planting for DD1 and fiancee to get their home ready to sell. Sadly they need to move, to be closer to work. So we planted heaps of Agapanthus around the back and some individual plants out front. And topped them all off with pea straw. Its so good to see action happen with a few hands.
Now with the heat here, they need alot of watering.
We had Chevy as the managing director. The pressure was so much for him, he had to have a nap!!!

Now I'm back to work and feel like I haven't been away...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Help, where is my Blog List??

HELP!!! Yeh, I was going to write something nice about 2010 and guess what I did instead.... Deleted all my BLOG List ..... Does anyone know IF I can find them again.....otherwise Im really sorry but I will have to slowly add them back again... one by one.... I'll be here forever cleaning up.......sniff sniff......