Monday, December 12, 2011

Its Cherry Time!

Well just lately, I have enjoyed some time in the garden. Something I haven't done in years. When I first joined Facebook, I put down as a hobby of mine..gardening... and my family thought it was hilarious. I said I  'enjoyed gardening', that didn't mean I did a lot of it! Well that was then. Now I do a fair bit. If its not doing major stuff, like spreading the mulch and weeding, it is little stuff like a bit of pruning here and there, or pulling weeds...there are ALWAYS
 weeds. So the two pictures here, show the two beds I have weeded and put out new mulch in, so they are all fresh and pretty. Gradually I am adding more plants to the 'below' new garden which is next to the new shop. I am loving it. Our veggie patch is doing well too. Last week I picked the first of the raspberry crop, 200gm. and they keep coming. I will show pics. next time of the veggies perhaps.
 Meanwhile after a couple of days here and there, we are now full swing into the cherry harvest. This is also something I haven't done in years. When the shop was new, I used to have 'harvest leave' to pick, while Annette manned the store.
I have on and off, done a bit during my Christmas break but this year is full on.
A light crop (which means not alot of fruit) but its excellent quality and sweet. This variety is Lapins. This was taken last week and they won't be ready to pick until Christmas Day. (which really means the day after Xmas). We have heaps of varieties, which vary in their ripening stages. Lenswood is virtually the last area to start harvest (in SA) hence we will still have cherries after Xmas. So far the weather has been kind, not too much rain to do much damage. Rain splits cherries. And not too hot, that splits me!! And the birds are keeping away, due to some sugar spraying.
The shop will still be open, while I'm picking. Jessica will be here. If you would like some cherries, call us or visit our shed door sales. (Ellimatta Orchards on Cold Store Road). Till next time, Have a Cherry Christmas.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Organisation is the key

Sometimes I wish I was as organised as my mother-in-law.
She's up at 6.30am. Washing and ironing done by 8am. Drive to post office for mail and pick up paper (for the crossword, of course.) Thursdays is shopping day. (She has even made her travel plans to rotate around Thursdays..) I can find her at certain shops at certain times on Thursdays, eg. bank at 9.30am. Hair on Fridays. I could go on and on... this has been the same for the 35years I have known her, so I could probably say her whole married life....60 years in January. It is perhaps obsessive to a point but I think it keeps her young. It keeps her going each day.
So as I have been thinking about this lately, I will be making a New Years resolution, to be more organised. (so I can grow old with ease) I am sort of organised for some things, not others. I am better under pressure and I don't think that's good, for me or my family.
So one plan will be to update my blog regularly....yeh, yeh, here we go again, I hear you say. I would like to log 'my life in Lenswood' for a year, so this way I can at least record by the way of the blog!Well that's the idea anyway. watch this space...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Video is all go!

Had a little technical hitch...I did anyhow. My video in the Quilts Revisited blog is now up and running again. Go back and have a look.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Moda Bake Shop

From this......

then this.....

to this.............
This is the newest Moda Bake Shop box of sweets. Thought I would make one up to show you. It just took me most of Sunday to complete. Size is 26" square. Comes in two colourways...the other is green country colours. Can order them from my website. (below)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Quilts Revisited overview

At the beginning of the month I held an exhibition of Repro. quilts from our students from the past few years.
I must say I was extremely happy with how it all looked. With a theme like that, all the quilts enhanced each other.
Rhonda Mathews of Aldgate won the Viewers Choice with her delightful, 'Pond House' quilt.
Jessica looked after The Patchwork Apple shop. She had a display also of The Red Cherry Pattern Collection's quilts.
Beautiful refreshments were served by Sarah and friends, amongst my antique quilt collection.
 Sarah and her 'clever' fella made this great little video of our exhibition. I  hope this gives you an overview of how it all looked. All of you who didn't make it...this is only half of what you missed! Enjoy....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Quilts Revisited Exhibition by The Patchwork Apple

We are all set for a brilliant couple of days.
The Woodside Institute looks fantastic (if I don't say myself!)
Its packed with quilts and goodies.
Come and see for yourself!
Open today and tomorrow....10am - 4pm

No time today for pics..... next week

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quilts Revisited Exhibition-this weekend!

'Quilts Revisited' Exhibition is on this weekend!
Woodside Institute
Onkaparinga Valley Road,
10am - 4pm
 We have been rather busy getting ready for our first ever exhibition for The Patchwork Apple. A reproduction quilt extravaganza!! Due to the high amount of classes, BOM, patterns, etc. etc. in repro. fabrics, I decided to get a few of the quilts together and show them off. 
All the pinning of sleeves have been done...we started tacking but we have done 32 so we ended up pinning....
 I actually have attached 'some' labels to my own quilts. Should have been done years ago.
 All the labels for each quilt have been printed...I hope.

Quilts have started arriving and its looking good!
So if you have some time over the weekend, come and visit us and have a browse.
The 'Paper Bag Challenge' was held last year. A small group of ladies participated and their interesting quilts will be displayed.
The Patchwork Apple will be onsite for sales.
The Red Cherry Pattern Collection will have their quilts on display also with patterns available.
Antique quilt display
Refreshments available.
$4 entry

Thursday, September 22, 2011

In A P & Q this month I have an ad., showing off The Red Cherry Pattern Collection's new patterns...and my new logo.
I don't usually like full pages, a bit much... but this is rather good, including my profile.
 Arriving yesterday are the new Moda Bakeshop boxes.
 Included in each box, is a mini honeybun and 120 precut squares.(of 3 different new ranges) AND a pattern. Bit cute.

I know I haven't blogged for ages. Don't really know why.
I feel like a few more followers. If you do read this blog I would love you to add to my followers list. please?
And I promise I will blog more!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cinderberry Stitches

Before I pack my bags and head over the border to Victoria, I thought I would quickly tell you that I'm going! Off to the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair, starting Thursday until Sunday. This year we have a special guest appearance by Natalie Lymer of 'Cinderberry Stitches' who will be signing her latest book, 'Cotton Floss'.
On our stand F30, we will have her samples
from her book to entice you!
The cutest of quilts with owls, bags, stitchery toy owls and toadstools.
Natalie will be there on Saturday 10am - 12noon. Why not come by and say hi!

btw The Patchwork Apple will still
be open tomorrow. Jessica will be in

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair

Here's Vicki and I ready for the crowds @ Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair. Not looking too bad?
I had a bit of a trip getting there and am feeling a bit seedy at this stage.
Due to Volcanic Ash Cloud over Adelaide on Monday night my flight to Sydney was cancelled....(was due to fly out in the morning).

Within 2 hours of finding out this news, I had a bus trip to Melbourne booked and a flight from Melbourne to Sydney, packed my bag and was on the bus in Adelaide (35min drive)
on a horrible night of rain and wind. Had never travelled overnight before on a bus but it was okay. Not much sleep but I was lucky to have a spare seat next to me, so didn't really have too much to worry about. My 3 life savers, Kym chucked in a blow up cushion at the last minute and Sarah packed me a box of snacks. While Vicki picked me up (in the middle of a busy highway) @ 5.30am just out of Melb., so to catch the flight to Sydney in time.

Straight from airport to set up our booth. Then staggered to the wonderful Holiday Inn, Darling Harbour where we had a brillant stay for the rest of the week. Thanks to Darryl...with 2 Rs. The Red Cherry Pattern Co. was well received and our quilts made the booth look very bright and cheery.

I was very fortunate to attend the Leutenegger 120th. Birthday Cocktail Party on Saturday night at the Sydney Opera House! Absolutely wonderful. The magnificent views of Sydney Harbour, the food and drink and the people made it a night to remember. Congrats Chris and Fiona.

Monday was left for sight-seeing and enjoying the time with good food and coffee. A chance to stretch the legs and absorb the sights and sounds of my fav. city.

Wonderful displays (this one below of macarons) in the new Westfield Sydney Tower.

Fabulous food level and other stores. Vicki made a great discovery in Metallica clothing.

We also saw what all the fuss was about in Zara. Just to be cool! Yes, we saw it all!!

Now I'm back in the shop today and yesterday.

While I love Sydney, looking out my window now, while there's no twinkling lights and sparkling harbour and certainly no people, it's pretty hard to beat!

cheers Jane ***

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Launching The Red Cherry Pattern Co.

Last week we had a lovely couple of days, showing off my new store and introducing The Red Cherry Pattern Co.
Customers were encouraged to browse a room full of samples and patterns and indulge in scones and a cuppa. Lucky draws were often and everyone seemed pleased and the girls were happy to meet potential customers and get out there! The Red Cherry Pattern Co. are my two daughters, Jessica and Sarah....I'll produce some patterns too under this umbrella but mainly the girls are excited and producing quite a few designs spearheading young sewers and new mums.
So keep this Logo in mind!

Here's 3 of their new patterns which are also available as kits.

All available on my website and on facebook.

I'll have the full range @ the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair, Darling Harbor next week as well as in store..of course!

All of you visiting the Sydney Show, be sure to drop on by D09 and say hi. Its always fascinating to here that you actually read my blogs!

cheers Jane ***

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sponge worthy

On MasterChef the other day, they made a sponge. I was impressed with the contestants efforts but knew it wasn't really that difficult to make a sponge cake.

So I thought I would give it a go. Its been quite a number of years since I've made one....trouble was I didn't really have much for the topping. Frozen raspberries and grated chocolate on the top, raspberry jam and cream in the centre, was the go.... I was a bit impressed!

While the oven was on, I popped in a zucchini slice. Much to the delight of my family!!

Perhaps I should do this more often?


Thursday, June 2, 2011

New book/magazine

The much awaited 'Sewn Toy Tales' by Melly and Me has just arrived.
Limited stock. As well as 'Vignette' Issue 3 by Leanne Beasley.

You can order this mag. with us to be sure to receive yours each quarter. We have all issues in stock.

Cheers Jane


Monday, May 30, 2011

Quilt Market releases

Quilt Market, Salt Lake City has just been held. I love browsing my fav. blogs after Market(s), checking out all the exciting new lines. I thought I would share some cool fabric releases with you with these cute pics.

Patty Young has fabrics and children's clothes patterns.

Sweetwater's new Hometown range is available now. I still have some Layer Cakes. Love the suitcase!

New designers for Moda, is Cabbage and Roses.... sooo nice.

Birds are still popular and don't forget Home furnishings.

I would love to buy all of it....

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Patchwork Apple, now back in Lenswood

All systems go!! We will be open tomorrow @ 9.30am. Yey!!! Very excited!!
Lots has been happening. Not only the work involved in getting the shop back together in a new building but going to AQC in Melbourne and then the Perth show in a couple weeks, life has been hectic. As we all know that is just the 'work' side of life...there is always the family life too, which keeps rolling, no matter what.
Thanks to my family, Kym who has been a huge support to me, especially realising I can be home from now on(!!) and the solid hard work every spare moment lately (even during harvest). To my girls, Sarah and Jessica (who are always there) and her husband Shayne for always dropping everything for his 'persistant' mother-in-law!! And to Olivia for keeping out of the way..
I feel like a Logie winner!!!
Anyhow, we will be open Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9.30am - 6pm from now on!!!
Hope to see you sometime, Jane ***

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Shop in May

Its April! Yes I know, its April. Im not open ...not until May now. Sorry (Nell) but unfortunately we've had hold ups and in a couple weeks I will be off to AQC in Melbourne, then there is Easter.... So I will be open for business @ my new location in May. Tiers Road, Lenswood.

Only 6km from the old shop.

Along the Woodside to Lenswood road, (Tiers Road) travel 6 km, passing Bonython Road on your right, we are the next house on the left. Once open I will have a sign out the front. Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9.30am to 6pm

We have added a new room/studio to the side of the house, especially for the shop. Very special.

A bit of 'fiddling' still to go, never lone the transfer of goods!! Looking good though. I hope you will all be happy and come visit.

Remember I am still online so if there is anything you need, just have a look there and email me or call 0408 088 678.

Having a lovely break, doing all sorts of things I haven't done in years. Now off for a long walk.

See ya soon, Jane***

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy 1st. Birthday Jemima Sophie

Happy 1st. Birthday little girl. Jemima's birthday party was on Sunday. She loved her cake Mummy made as well as helping Nanny whip cream!
Love and kisses, Nanny Jane xxx

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Farewell to Woodside

I have only 3 days to go, here @ Woodside in The Apple Shed.
The move from Lenswood to Woodside in 2005 was huge for little ol' me. Honestly, I didn't think I would continue when Annette (my business partner) passed away back in 2000. Years passed and I was still surviving with alot of friends help. Moving meant having permanent help eg. Sara and Jessica and later meant more customers, sure but with that it meant longer hours and a whole lot more 'bookwork' (thanks Dianne) and alot more other issues.
But the journey has been fabulous. The new customers I have met, the hustle and bustle of 'the street' has all been invigorating.
The last few weeks (of the sale) has been what I would have liked all the time. A constant flow of people but unfortunately its not like that in reality, as any shop owner would know. That is not why I am moving back home...its just time...
Here is what my new 'shop' looks like! I will be trading from here every Wednesday as from April...I hope. Tiers Road, Lenswood. 6km from Woodside. Not far!
I will be attending the major Quilt Fairs around Australia, beginning in Melbourne for the AQC.
AND I will be getting in new 'stuff'.. don't worry about that.
I'm just scaling down...

Finally a big thank you especially to Sara for all your enthusiasm, inspiration, help and friendship over the last 7-8 years. Without you, I would have closed back then... The best of luck and good health to you and Lester in your retirement and travel.
To Vicki, who seemed to have flew in and flew out again but will certainly be apart of my life..even though we are now miles apart. Thank you for your humour, tireless help and friendship. I'll see you next @ AQC. (Vicki will be helping me @ the shows).
And to Jessica, my eldest daughter who always, when possible, helped me out.. with fabric as payment....gee I think you owe me some more work!!!
While Im going, I will thank the rest of the family, Kym, Olivia, Sarah and Shayne. There was always someone who helped when available and of course, put up with me...
And finally to all my loyal and regular customers who would pop in and buy, do a class or two or just say hi! A shop is not a shop without you. Thank you,
See you @ Lenswood, Jane

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Vickster comes to Woodside

Vicki is arriving today for a few days! She will be here @ the Apple shed today and tomorrow, so why not pop in and say hello!

We do have new arrivals....

'La Petite Ecole' fabrics, fat 1/4 bundles, jelly rolls. New range by the French General.

'Sherbert Pips' and 'Pom Pom de Paris' pre-cuts. We will be getting the whole range of both of these gorgeous fabrics.

'More William Morris Applique' Book by Michele Hill is here too.
Sorry these neweys are NOT @ sale reductions but Moda pre-cuts have been reduced to $47.50 for Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes.
If you are interested in these items and in store- just ask. Otherwise they can be ordered online.

BUT we still have our SALE on. 30% off across the board....everything in store; patterns, books, threads etc.

Plus many fabrics on the bolt a huge 50% off . Plus an ever changing $10 mt. fabric clearance.
Panels are HALF PRICE too.

See you soon

Monday, January 3, 2011

More Tomatoes!!

Today was the day to take down the Tree. Usually I do it before New Years but this year was different. I'm not fussed about 'stuff' like I used to be.. so I think I'll just leave it a bit longer..besides I think it looks pretty.
In actual fact I was too busy today. First thing this morning I just finished getting The Patchwork Apple all 'sorted' for my last SALE ever...starting tomorrow. I just got home and there were unexpected visitors from Germany. Lovely family who came to see our cherries. So that was my day. Relaxing at least with a pub lunch as well. I was planning to clean windows not really!

And this (below) is about all I did during my break... besides getting food prepared it seems. Sorry but I think that is the biggest hassle, every day (especially when one is home) and one's husband is home for the preparation or rather the thinking-of-what-to-prepare for each meal....
Anyhow I did get some tomato sauce made!!! It took awhile.... in between doctor visits, suppositories given :/ (to the poorly-not me), flat tyres, water troubles in the garden, cherries to pick etc. etc. but I managed to make 5kg. -8 bottles. I know, big deal! It was a big deal for me, haven't made sauce for years. Jessica has already taken a bottle home and we had pasties for dinner last night, just to enjoy the sauce!! After all that the very next day, our Italian friend returned with more tomatoes!!
Sarah and I are obsessed with tomatoes on toast...just the smell starts you off then the taste. Delicious especially with the Lobethal Bakery's Tuscan loaf!! I can't keep this up...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year.. a new year a new beginning!

Happy New Year to you all!

Had a very quiet one. Kym has been sick with a Kidney stone attack. Ambo. ride to hospital and a visit to Dr., all around New Years. Hes back on deck today at last. Right in the middle of cherry harvest too. Meanwhile I've enjoyed long walks and catching up on some DVDs and lots of visits from Jemima during my break..back to work Tuesday and I'll miss her. It won't be for long...

I am closing the Woodside store by end of Feb. Moving back home and will be on Line as well as doing a few Quilt Fairs around the country for the year. Thats the immediate plan anyhow.

Our Sale begins Tuesday 4th. with 30% off absolutely everything with some items even 50% off.

Store opens @ 9.30am until 5pm.- Tuesday to Saturday SALE will run until sold out.

Hope to see you some time. Jane *

This is quite fitting for my 101 st. post, I reckon!!!