Monday, December 12, 2011

Its Cherry Time!

Well just lately, I have enjoyed some time in the garden. Something I haven't done in years. When I first joined Facebook, I put down as a hobby of mine..gardening... and my family thought it was hilarious. I said I  'enjoyed gardening', that didn't mean I did a lot of it! Well that was then. Now I do a fair bit. If its not doing major stuff, like spreading the mulch and weeding, it is little stuff like a bit of pruning here and there, or pulling weeds...there are ALWAYS
 weeds. So the two pictures here, show the two beds I have weeded and put out new mulch in, so they are all fresh and pretty. Gradually I am adding more plants to the 'below' new garden which is next to the new shop. I am loving it. Our veggie patch is doing well too. Last week I picked the first of the raspberry crop, 200gm. and they keep coming. I will show pics. next time of the veggies perhaps.
 Meanwhile after a couple of days here and there, we are now full swing into the cherry harvest. This is also something I haven't done in years. When the shop was new, I used to have 'harvest leave' to pick, while Annette manned the store.
I have on and off, done a bit during my Christmas break but this year is full on.
A light crop (which means not alot of fruit) but its excellent quality and sweet. This variety is Lapins. This was taken last week and they won't be ready to pick until Christmas Day. (which really means the day after Xmas). We have heaps of varieties, which vary in their ripening stages. Lenswood is virtually the last area to start harvest (in SA) hence we will still have cherries after Xmas. So far the weather has been kind, not too much rain to do much damage. Rain splits cherries. And not too hot, that splits me!! And the birds are keeping away, due to some sugar spraying.
The shop will still be open, while I'm picking. Jessica will be here. If you would like some cherries, call us or visit our shed door sales. (Ellimatta Orchards on Cold Store Road). Till next time, Have a Cherry Christmas.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Organisation is the key

Sometimes I wish I was as organised as my mother-in-law.
She's up at 6.30am. Washing and ironing done by 8am. Drive to post office for mail and pick up paper (for the crossword, of course.) Thursdays is shopping day. (She has even made her travel plans to rotate around Thursdays..) I can find her at certain shops at certain times on Thursdays, eg. bank at 9.30am. Hair on Fridays. I could go on and on... this has been the same for the 35years I have known her, so I could probably say her whole married life....60 years in January. It is perhaps obsessive to a point but I think it keeps her young. It keeps her going each day.
So as I have been thinking about this lately, I will be making a New Years resolution, to be more organised. (so I can grow old with ease) I am sort of organised for some things, not others. I am better under pressure and I don't think that's good, for me or my family.
So one plan will be to update my blog regularly....yeh, yeh, here we go again, I hear you say. I would like to log 'my life in Lenswood' for a year, so this way I can at least record by the way of the blog!Well that's the idea anyway. watch this space...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Video is all go!

Had a little technical hitch...I did anyhow. My video in the Quilts Revisited blog is now up and running again. Go back and have a look.