Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Its my Birthday!

Flowers, chocolates and bubbles!!
A girl needs chocolate!! thanks Vick

Roses from the rows (of the vineyard)

Okay, okay.... thought I would let you know after all. Its my birthday today. Its my big birthday actually... 50... no point hiding it anymore... I can hear you all now... wow you'd never think!!!!
yeh sure.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my special friends for their lovely wishes (and gifts)... even the postie gave me a cherry ripe! Man.. word gets around!

My dear friends from Tassie even sent a huge arrangement of flowers, choccies and Moet!!!!!
Can't wait to get home and get stuck into that! Thank you ever so much Darren and Susan and hope to see you in August if not before.
I shouldn't really single out people but they are a far away....and we don't see each other much.

My 3 girls came to the shop for lunch. They also organised a special dinner tonight and another on Sunday, with family. So that will all be lovely.

Moments like this though I do miss Mum and friend Annette, who aren't with me now, to share my big day. I remember what they did for my 40th. wow! All I can do is remember the good times we had and enjoy what wonderful family and friends I have now.

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Studio - in the making!

Well this is going to be my studio again!!!! DD1 and fiance have left home, cleaned up their room and gone to live in their beautiful newly built home. I am so excited to have room again but I must say, I do miss them, already... DD3 is going to be our painter extradinaire due to the fact she isn't working at present, so my time is ticking until the painting is finished. Notice the gorgeous honan matting? We bought that 30 years ago when we first built the house! Can't complain about the durablity of $1 sq ft. product back then! Nanna's rug and matting has gone straight to the dump!
I will fill you in as painting is completed.

Some lovely fabrics arrived recently. Above is 'Urban Flannel'

and Amy Butler's 'Midwest Modern 2'

'I Believe in Santa' by Nancy Halvorsen, this is just the panel

and 'City Blooms'. 'City Girl' was very popular and this is the second series.

My website has just been updated and I have most of these on there.

Paypal is now available for your convenience.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well Ive unpacked from the AQC (Australasian Quilt Convention) in Melbourne and just about back to normal. A broken cupboard in transit, for the trouble, though.
Was lovely to catch up with so many customers and fellow shop owners.

My DD3 has returned from the US (yes, already) She was very home sick, so fine we're happy for her to return. She's back and running, raring to go. DH and Shayne got stuck into clearing some dead gum trees on the weekend. So us girls were the ones to clean up and drag/cart branches and wood, to the respective burn pile or wood heap. So much for a holiday weekend.

Got the girls working.

Boys having a break.

Our view from the house now, of the dam.