Monday, March 23, 2009

New Studio - in the making!

Well this is going to be my studio again!!!! DD1 and fiance have left home, cleaned up their room and gone to live in their beautiful newly built home. I am so excited to have room again but I must say, I do miss them, already... DD3 is going to be our painter extradinaire due to the fact she isn't working at present, so my time is ticking until the painting is finished. Notice the gorgeous honan matting? We bought that 30 years ago when we first built the house! Can't complain about the durablity of $1 sq ft. product back then! Nanna's rug and matting has gone straight to the dump!
I will fill you in as painting is completed.

Some lovely fabrics arrived recently. Above is 'Urban Flannel'

and Amy Butler's 'Midwest Modern 2'

'I Believe in Santa' by Nancy Halvorsen, this is just the panel

and 'City Blooms'. 'City Girl' was very popular and this is the second series.

My website has just been updated and I have most of these on there.

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Lorraine said...

Nice that you have your room back...but you will miss them...! Love the new fabrics....the flannel ones look great...I need to make a new shaggy quilt for this winter...a nice bright one!! Will be checking out the website!

Nell said...

Congrats on the new "studio" Jane! Sure it will look lovely when you've got it the way you want it. Now you just have to find the time to be creative in it LOL

Nell said...

Hi Jane, I don't know how to email replies from a blog either. You know you are not allowed to EVER retire from the Patchwork Apple (what would we do? where would we go? Not only would the apple piecers be out in the cold but we would all be suffering from a severe case of fabric withdrawal and with the extra money in our purses some of us might end up in real trouble!!!)