Thursday, April 23, 2009

News of 'Christmas in the Hills' gathering

Sooo 'Sweet' has arrived! I have been waiting for this fabric. I just love it! And I am making yo-yos from it for a quilt and need more fabrics. Although that project has been put on hold for the moment. Other pressing items on the agenda! see below (Pic: Quilt hanging is a kit with Jelly Rolls and Sweet rolls in 'Sweet' too.) ---sorry not sure why the underline, it seems to have disappeared off the toolbar? 1. 'Christmas in the Hills' is organised for 25 and 26 July with Rosalie Quinlan and Leanne Beasley. More info will be on my website. This will be a wonderful weekend, with 2 very talented young women who make and design the 'best stuff'!!
2. Have been madly sewing lately for a deadline in May. A quilt in the making for Quiltaid- an initiative of Helen Stubbings and Sue Daley, to World Vision for the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia. More details soon in Homespun magazine June addition.
Had a few arrivals lately.
More cute stuff in the way of a 'Sweet Box'. 2 'honey bun' rolls of 10 strips x 1 1/2" wide. Includes a pattern to make a bag from one roll. These are a limited edition.

And some more gorgeous fabrics, 'City Blooms'. I know alot of you loved 'City Girl' well this is Kitty Yoshida's next range. Just a couple to show you the colours. Blue, chocolate, mauvey pink and green.

And @ home- DD3 (darling daughter #3) -someone asked me the other day, they presumed DD was darling daughter. Well, this one surely is (they all are really). She has just finished painting our whole house! What a fantastic job and well done too. The house feels so fresh and clean, which it is, seeing every cupboard (nearly) has been emptied and repacked AND with less going back in!
Even the kitchen cupboards have been painted, these were baltic pine!
Painting or any type of renovating brings with it the need to purchase and upgrade new fittings etc. don't you think? New bedside lamps are required, book shelf, duel flush toilets too, kitchen taps and probably a white or chrome microwave instead of an old 20yr. old brown version - how can the paintwork look so good with daggy accessories!!! I know they all still work and nothing is really wrong with them but the colour/style?!! But some things are necessary!! So we may need to visit here or here! Carpet is another thing but just because it's faded, doesn't mean it needs replacing or so DH says.... yeh ok..
I'll do a tour over the (my) long weekend. (TPA is closed on Saturday due to Anzac Day) and take some pics of the new joint! This will be in between my mad sewing!
Enjoy the rain, if you are local, it is sooo nice and welcome. Finally.
Cheers Jane

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The house is in turmoil!

Here are some pictures of my birthday 'party'. My brother and family came with us to the pub for dinner and the girls made chocolate fondue for dessert @ home, instead of cake. (they've been wanting fondue for ages).
So instead of a hideous chocolate mud cake, I blew out my candles on the fruit for the fondue. Different but fun! The others hadn't ever had chocolate fondue before, so they enjoyed it too.

Here are just some of the gorgeous flowers I received from DH before disaster struck our house.

.... the house is being painted by our very Darling DD3,who is doing a fantastic job. My sewing room has been done, the lounge, 2 girls rooms, their bathroom and toilet. Our bedroom is next, then the ensuite, laundry, the 'big' room/pool room and finally the kitchen. (which will be a big job, cupboards to do). You forget how difficult it is (even though Im not the one painting!) but the moving and unpacking and rearranging and repacking and throwing out 'stuff' and talk about 'stuff'. Where does it all come from and why? Really.. I must say its good to have a 'spring clean' (in Autumn) with curtains being washed and carpets shampooed too. Its certainly been a few years! Too many really.
So our house looks like a bomb hit it, today. Two girls are sleeping in the lounge and the office, while everything from our bedroom is in the lounge even flowing into the laundry!!! Where we sleep tomorrow night is anyone guess! I will try and get some new lovely pictures to show you the new colours. The girls rooms colours are lovely.
The shop is open this Easter Saturday by the way. Don't be put off with the Oakbank Races traffic.
We'll be busy over Easter otherwise. DH will be picking apples some days, with pipes to lay for DD1 and finance's house, lunch @ home on Sunday (not sure just where?) and oh! ...perhaps a bit of .....painting!
Happy Easter,