Monday, November 29, 2010

Jessica and Shaynes Wedding Day

The Daylily Garden has a touch of my quilts on haybales, perfecting the setting. This is my old family home, so it makes it all very special. The girls grew up here as much as I did, played on the lawn, had picnics in the fairy garden. Mum would have morning/afternoon teas throughout the garden, in different little vignettes depending on the time of year and the weather. Heres the pile, ready to go. Jemima having a bit of no nappy time beforehand.

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P.S. This is extra special, celebrating my 100th post!!!!!

Jessica and Shaynes Wedding Day -continued

The beautiful Daylily Garden was decorated with haybales covered in my quilts. Having a drink break while setting up @ the venue.

Here's Aunty Dianne with Jemima.
Easel with Table setting plan on entry.

Guest book on the gift table.

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Jessica and Shaynes Wedding Day

Beautiful Sundowner apples with cardboard leaves for place settings, surround the vine twigs. Very significant for an apple grower's daughter and the groom who works on the vineyard!

The venue was perfect for the 'feel' we wanted. Party lights and lanterns helped create the atmosphere.

This is Kelly. Our tireless hairdresser and friend. Kelly did all of our hair so well and Olivia did all of the makeup to make us took awhile!!!

The day was just perfect. The girls and boys all looked wonderful. Jessica had planned her wedding beautifully and all went smoothly. I guess that is all we want on our wedding day. Here are all my girls, all looking so beautiful. Jessica and Jemima, Olivia and Sarah.

Here are all the family.

Bride and Groom, baby and Father and Mother of the Bride.

Here's Jemima underneath all the wrapping from all the lovely presents. She was in heaven!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wedding Bells are in the Air!

Sunday we had Jessica and Shayne's wedding rehearsal. Just an excuse for a Barbie, I reckon! The wedding party and... tag-a-longs or should I say... all important parties(!) hit our place for lunch then (us girls walked and the guys drove) to the Daylily Garden. The garden it perfect, thanks to Kaye and Trevor's hard work.

All systems are go this week. Jessica has been really busy and I'll say the rest of us will be this week! 'Its a Hoot' makes a great young persons quilt. 1 Layer Cake is required for this quilt.

This pic. is @ the top. Sorry my pics. flew everywhere!!
'French General's' next range has arrived, 'Maison de Garance'. Rich chocolates with the traditional reds. Love the linens. We have chocolate- would love to do a stitchery with this with putty coloured thread.

Also love the 'squares of french icons' in burgundy on the putty coloured linen. I'm going to make a pin cushion from ...@ least one.

Here's our little girl ready for bed... just learnt to clap hands!