Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wedding Bells are in the Air!

Sunday we had Jessica and Shayne's wedding rehearsal. Just an excuse for a Barbie, I reckon! The wedding party and... tag-a-longs or should I say... all important parties(!) hit our place for lunch then (us girls walked and the guys drove) to the Daylily Garden. The garden it perfect, thanks to Kaye and Trevor's hard work.

All systems are go this week. Jessica has been really busy and I'll say the rest of us will be this week! 'Its a Hoot' makes a great young persons quilt. 1 Layer Cake is required for this quilt.

This pic. is @ the top. Sorry my pics. flew everywhere!!
'French General's' next range has arrived, 'Maison de Garance'. Rich chocolates with the traditional reds. Love the linens. We have chocolate- would love to do a stitchery with this with putty coloured thread.

Also love the 'squares of french icons' in burgundy on the putty coloured linen. I'm going to make a pin cushion from ...@ least one.

Here's our little girl ready for bed... just learnt to clap hands!


Nell said...

Wishing Jess and Shane every happiness! Hope it all goes well.xxx

clare's craftroom said...

Even the rehearsal looks fun !
Don't you just love it when the little ones start to clap !