Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What a wet day!

What a day of rain today! It has rained all day, hailed a bit and is bitterly cold. (I'm glad I'm inside!) Hasn't hailed much this year, yet. You can see it on my car as well as running down the drain. Today also brought the arrival of 'Luna Notte' by 3 Sisters for Moda. It is soft and muted and rather French!! I can picture the florals on old chateau's walls. Yummy.
We've had a quilt made in this range for awhile... Sara's design for a Layer Cake class as well as a pattern. So I was able to make an instant display.
Also in the same delivery were Fat Quarter Bundles, Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes of 'A Morris Tapestry' by Barbara Brackman and 'La Petite Ecole' from French General.
So it was a great day for a change around and new fabric!
Keep warm and dry, Jane

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I've Finished!

Here is my finished top, 'Civil War Journey' quilt. I absolutely love it! I loved making it and I love it even more now its together. Just need it quilted now. It is a wonderful pattern of 6" blocks and with Sara's help during the class we all have the quilts finished. And now on to the next....

This gorgeous fabric range, 'Maison de Garance' by French General is my love at present. I am making blocks for the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler Quilt. Supposed to be 140 blocks of 6" blocks but we'll see about how many I'll make!!! Only 12 so far. (We do 6 blocks a fortnight.) So far they've been very easy, especially compared to the other quilt but I think from now will get harder. I think it is for Anne's benefit, who is the newey in the class. I think we are protecting her.... or maybe misleading her!!
Going back to the delicious fabric. This is (was) a fat quarter bundle, we have Layers and Jellys in stock, with more arriving in October. There will also be a yummy chocolate linen. We had this class the other day, 'Scalloped Edge'. This is Kerrie's quilt by the end of the day! A great class using a large design as the centre of the quilt. The fabric Kerrie used is another French General range, 'Lumiere de Noel'. We'll do this class again. It was a beauty.

The new 'Civil War Legacy' quilt girls came this morning for their monthly fix. Their blocks are starting to look great. It was Kris and Jean's first day and already their blocks are really good. Yvonne, Loz and Deb have now had 2 days and are zooming! Loz is believed to be making 2 quilts....there's always one!
A quiet day for retail today...must be the election. People are out but not shopping...maybe its just that the sun is out at last after 5" of rain during the week!
Think I may drop by the DVD store on the way home, for something better on TV rather than election palaver.
Take care, Jane ***