Friday, January 30, 2009

We're having a Heat Wave!

We are having a HEAT WAVE!!! Okay enough is enough, thats all now, it can rain now.... Is anyone listening - that can help me??? I guess not, theres no point whingeing.... We had our hottest day for 70 years on Wednesday (45C) and since then we have had 44 and 43 blah blah blah until next week. When its hot its hot, I reckon- whether its 43 or 45 it makes no difference...As you can see our usually busy street is even quiet. And the temp. gauge @ home shows the top mercury which was the maximum @ our place. Not much more mercury to go on the gauge! And we are probably the coolest place is the state of South Australia! I honestly feel for the rest of you guys, in hotter regions.

My shop is fantastic with the air con. but we don't have air con. @ home. Even with a double brick house with lots of trees, its just too hot now. Is there an air conditioning firm which can put in air con. today? not likely....then I suppose we will lose power...

Sorry is that enough of a whinge? To make it so bizarre my DD3 is in the snow in New Jersey. She has on 2 pairs of tights, 2 pairs of socks, 2 singlets, 2 jumpers, coat, gloves and a hat. Man I feel worse thinking about it!

Anyhow that is what is happening in our part of the world.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New fabrics 'Andalucia'

Must show you my new order. Designer Patty Young's new range 'Andalucia'. Pretty excited about these fabrics and colours. Just had to share these with you, due in March.
Thanks to Patty's blog for photos.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another newsletter bites the dust!

This is our latest table runner class in retro fabrics, 'Hello Betty'. Made from a charm pack. Also a class will be ready for later in the year, using a Sweet Roll. I've used 'Sweet' in retro colours too. We are having a retro splurge at the moment. I just love the 'Sweet' range. Class photo is of the Market Bag. Very popular bag class.

We had the Tour Down Under ride past us on Wednesday. This is the flash of colour! It was a lovely day weatherwise. Almost made me want to take off.... not on a bike though.

Have finally done the Newsletter/Class List. It was lovely yesterday, Vicki and Sara were here to fold and fold and I got them in the mail. Otherwise it takes me forever....Special thanks to Vicki, who gave up her day to help. You can view it on my website.

There are lots of exciting happenings this year. This year is TPA's 15th. birthday so we are having celebrations all year. The big event of the year, is Rosalie Quinlan and Leanne Beasley coming for our July Gathering, 'Country Christmas in July' on 25 + 26 July. More details still to finalise. Names can be put on a list for us to contact later.
Sorry this is all over the place. I can never get the photos to match the writing.
DD3 is very homesick and has decided to head on home. Its a bit of a shame but we all feel better now we know she is coming home, knowing how she was feeling. She has a lovely family but its just not for her.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Such a busy time

Well finally I feel like writing something. Had a couple weeks off this year. Lovely but no sewing done (as would have liked) but lots of other 'stuff' happening. Firstly DD3 left for the USA on Monday as an au-pair. Very emotional build up, never lone @ the airport... She had a bad trip including missing the connecting flight from LA to New York (we knew 2 1/2 hrs. was not going to be enough time- airlines think they know better..yeh) And she's really missing home and wants to come home.. sniff...We are doing lots of positive 'encouragements' but it just tears my heart out knowing she's sad. Today her email is a little more positive and she is eating again. We are sure once she is with her family, she will be okay. Dawn (her surrogate mum) has been sending her lovely emails, so I feel (a bit) happier.

Last Saturday, DD1 and finance` had their engagement party. At least it took our minds off DD3 leaving. The party was a success and enjoyed by all. It was held outside on a balmy evening, for 90 guests (33 metres of table runners!!-good job mum has a quilt shop heh?) and with hundreds of twinkle lights overhead and on the tables, it was a fairyland.

December was so busy, we had 2 birthday dinners, DD3's Farewell party, an Engagement party, a cherry industry dinner, oh and Xmas x 2(with 2 families), New Years and a partridge in a pear tree!!! phew..
No wonder I am not in the mood for much. I think I need another holiday!

I now have to organise this year's program. Its in the head but getting it organised and on paper is another thing. One of the worst jobs, I reckon for a quilt shop owner- this one anyway. Im sorry that doesn't seem too professional but its the darn truth. Hey my emotions at present are very raw!!

BTW thank you to all who visit this blog, it is fun and I love being involved in blogland. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2009.