Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another newsletter bites the dust!

This is our latest table runner class in retro fabrics, 'Hello Betty'. Made from a charm pack. Also a class will be ready for later in the year, using a Sweet Roll. I've used 'Sweet' in retro colours too. We are having a retro splurge at the moment. I just love the 'Sweet' range. Class photo is of the Market Bag. Very popular bag class.

We had the Tour Down Under ride past us on Wednesday. This is the flash of colour! It was a lovely day weatherwise. Almost made me want to take off.... not on a bike though.

Have finally done the Newsletter/Class List. It was lovely yesterday, Vicki and Sara were here to fold and fold and I got them in the mail. Otherwise it takes me forever....Special thanks to Vicki, who gave up her day to help. You can view it on my website.

There are lots of exciting happenings this year. This year is TPA's 15th. birthday so we are having celebrations all year. The big event of the year, is Rosalie Quinlan and Leanne Beasley coming for our July Gathering, 'Country Christmas in July' on 25 + 26 July. More details still to finalise. Names can be put on a list for us to contact later.
Sorry this is all over the place. I can never get the photos to match the writing.
DD3 is very homesick and has decided to head on home. Its a bit of a shame but we all feel better now we know she is coming home, knowing how she was feeling. She has a lovely family but its just not for her.


Sair said...

hey mummy jane!
that is correct about me :)
wow i love that "sweet" runner, thats awesome. hmmm, who could i make that for. I love retro too. copy cat lol
i forgot about your gathering, yes that will be awesome, i can now help you :) whoh. more eating for me. lol
about time you blogged, i've been waiting. Liv is a little slow on blogging too.
Awesome photo at the top, i wont to have a photo but for some reason i dont know what to do.
Anyway great blog, cant wait to be home, and see what i can make from the shop.
also a big thank you to Vicki and Sara for folding the newsletters, otherwise should would have sent them over to me ARGH
love sarah xxxx

alicia said...

hi nanny jane!
I love reading all these blogs! your very clever.
I read the newsletter and I'm very excited about the funky seeds club! I have written all the dates in my diary and will leave miss Jaime with her daddy and come up to sit and chat and finally do some patchwork! It will be great to have no distractions and finally get some sewing done. I'm very exited about it so sign me up please!
Can't believe its been 15 years since you started making those t-shirts with the apple shapes and the squares of ripped fabric on them! they were classic. and the apple ties!!! What a huge trend you both started! lol
Mum would be so proud of what you have made this shop become!
can't wait to see you soon.
love you lots
alicia jane xxxxxxx

Tessa said...

Hi Jane, nice to see you in blogland - like the long hair do too! Have been planning to drop in and say hello - can't believe it is tpa's 15th birthday this year - seems like it was the 10 year birthday only last year! Haven't had much time for patchwork/quilting lately, been studying and stitching.... see you soon, Tessa :)