Wednesday, October 22, 2008

These 3 'larikins' have been blogging for ages and never met ... until Sunday. It seemed they got on very well! All lovely girls, whom Ive know for many years. Kris, Granny Loz and Daisy Jayne.


DD 1 and boyfriend for 5 years announced yesterday, they are getting married. At last! (we all said..) They are building a house, so we were hoping 'wedding bells' were in the future. Not until Nov. 2010 though. Mainly due to the fact DD3 is away in the US all next year and Nov. is a lovely time for a garden wedding, we have to wait. Thank goodness, I say. Will have to save now...

A few more photos, thought you may enjoy, of Sunday.

Getting started with their colourque.
Cherre, Vicki and Rhonda stitching.

Quilt on the right is Helen's NEW 'Ginger Spice'. We have the patterns available. Fabrics also available, are 'Ginger Blossom'. This pattern is great for Jelly Rolls.

'Gathering in the Hills'

Sorry people, its been days since the 'Gathering' but finally Im here to tell you about our day on Sunday. Helen Stubbings did a superb job passing on her knowledge and the girls learnt the technique of colourque as well as perfecting their stitching. Thanks to Sarina for her delicious food, including cupcakes, butterfly cakes and heart-shaped lamingtons and jelly cakes (and that was just morning tea!). While Im at it, thanks go to my girls for their help, it wouldn't have been half as good, thanks Jessica and Sarah, as well as Sara on the day.

Bloggers Kris, Loz and Marcia all met for the first time, sat together and got on 'like a house on fire'. Stuff like this is very special and Im glad Im a part of that. Its so nice to see so many lovely people all enjoying themselves and the craft we love.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting ready...

Getting ready for our 'Gathering in the Hills'. All excited with everything now coming together. We are really going over the top, so be prepared! A sneek peek of what I made yesterday while I was waiting for our Xmas Cheer Club girls to arrive. Obviously very easy to make! So thrilled how it worked out, using the laminated fabric and jumbo ric-rac, I might make more!

'Neenies Garden' quilt arrived yesterday too. Designed by Helen Stubbings, and is our new Block of the Month.
Must fly, some big boxes have just been delivered from Moda. New flannels in 'Butterfly Fling', 'Charisma' and 'Woodland Bloom'. Others are 'Butterfly Fling' (regular cotton) and 'Harvest Home'. Bit of work now to unpack, catalogue and find ROOM!!!
Cheers Jane

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cherry Blossom Time

The first day of daylight saving, in the evening, we went to check out the cherry blossom. DH said it was impressive this year and when one is a cherry grower, we have to see these things and look interested. Not really hard, it is beautiful to see. Bonus points for interested wife!!!

So I took lots of pictures! (can't work out how to display them nicely on this post though, sorry.. I bet its something very easy...) ... now my font icon has disappeared...

Had a wonderful Monday, I was able to sew all day! Can't tell you what I was sewing, (its a surprise for our 'gathering') but I am so rapt and excited! I have a bit of a sewing 'bug' at the moment. I want to keep at it but as well know, 'life' gets in the way...

Lots of preparations are happening for next Sunday's 'Gathering in the Hills'. So I had better get back to it!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Iced Yo-Yos are done!

The 'Apple Cobbler' quilt arrived yesterday from Helen. It is gorgeous and looks so good on the wall! Bookings are filling so if you are interested in coming to our 'Gathering in the Hills' contact me.

I have finished my Yo Yo tea cosy for our class on Sat. 29 Nov. - make a tea cosy or coffee plunger cover and enjoy a delicious afternoon tea of cupcakes. I thought I might make another one (madness?) using Amy Butler's range for a real 'funky cosy'.

DH and I went to watch the Bay to Birdwood run, go through Gumeracha on Sunday. Most years we go to watch the old cars, trucks, utes and bikes go by. A lovely few hours spent. A great band plays as we sit in the pleasant sunshine and wave to the traffic! This year was the vintage cars with the classics next year (which I love!) We hope we can drive our 1966 Mustang next year!!

Cheers Jane