Wednesday, October 22, 2008

These 3 'larikins' have been blogging for ages and never met ... until Sunday. It seemed they got on very well! All lovely girls, whom Ive know for many years. Kris, Granny Loz and Daisy Jayne.


DD 1 and boyfriend for 5 years announced yesterday, they are getting married. At last! (we all said..) They are building a house, so we were hoping 'wedding bells' were in the future. Not until Nov. 2010 though. Mainly due to the fact DD3 is away in the US all next year and Nov. is a lovely time for a garden wedding, we have to wait. Thank goodness, I say. Will have to save now...

A few more photos, thought you may enjoy, of Sunday.

Getting started with their colourque.
Cherre, Vicki and Rhonda stitching.

Quilt on the right is Helen's NEW 'Ginger Spice'. We have the patterns available. Fabrics also available, are 'Ginger Blossom'. This pattern is great for Jelly Rolls.


Kris said...

Exciting news Jane! Congratulations DD1 and boyfriend!

Lorraine said...

Wow....a wedding!! woo hoo.....what will the MOB wear???? will there be a wedding quilt involved???.....did you see in the photo that everyone was busy doing something....we were busy talking!!LOL....well we had a lot to talk about!!! Funny when you meet fellow bloggers you know a lot about them but there is still plenty to talk about!!