Wednesday, October 22, 2008

'Gathering in the Hills'

Sorry people, its been days since the 'Gathering' but finally Im here to tell you about our day on Sunday. Helen Stubbings did a superb job passing on her knowledge and the girls learnt the technique of colourque as well as perfecting their stitching. Thanks to Sarina for her delicious food, including cupcakes, butterfly cakes and heart-shaped lamingtons and jelly cakes (and that was just morning tea!). While Im at it, thanks go to my girls for their help, it wouldn't have been half as good, thanks Jessica and Sarah, as well as Sara on the day.

Bloggers Kris, Loz and Marcia all met for the first time, sat together and got on 'like a house on fire'. Stuff like this is very special and Im glad Im a part of that. Its so nice to see so many lovely people all enjoying themselves and the craft we love.


Lorraine said...

well done Jane (and girls!) it was a fantastic day!

Kris said...

Yes, I had a wonderful time!!! Great job Jane (and Helen and girls).