Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcome Jemima Sophie

This is my new granddaughter, Jemima Sophie. She was 3 weeks early and came very quickly. 8 months of waiting and when the time comes still doesn't prepare us! We are all in shock, surprise and elation. We can't get enough of her.

Dad has a grin on his face the whole time while Mum is so cool and casual..... so far.... Aunties Olivia and Sarah are over the moon too. We all went shopping yesterday, for pink! Teddy and pink clothes!!! Grandpa just rolls his eyes. With 3 daughters, he's seen it (pink addition) before! Secretly his is rapt and is on the phone to all...even more than usual.
Thank you for reading my brag page! Nanny Jane ;)
PS (that is not dribble..from Jemima's mouth..yet) she has a tube still in her arm.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Red Quilts Time

Our first 'Club Rouge' was held today. The girls had a good day and learnt lots and of course, made a cute little red and white quilt. Everyone was in on the theme and either dressed in some red or had some other item eg. bag(s) and shoes. Our day went a little longer than anticipated... like 3 1/2 hrs. longer!!!! Such slow sewers.. no there was a lot to do.. even though it was small.
Thought I would just add some of the 'gorgeousness' I put up with, on my walks. I adore where I live and on every walk am reminded of our glorious country. My favourite season has now arrived, so Im in heaven. I just wish I was outside more....appreciating it....

Here is Sara's 'Le Jardin' quilt. It is beautiful and is hanging in store @ the moment. Patterns are available.

Endeavouring to post more often....Jane