Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cheers to you all!

Here's an angel wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
For me it is a time to recharge batteries, with a small break from the shop and enjoy my family and home. Although we are in our busiest time of year with cherries it's still good to be a part of it all. Men in for food and more food... it seems....its no going away on holidays for us.... I do hope to get some lovely sewing done while home. I have so enjoyed it again in the last 6 months.
Recently I have been on about (to my club girls mainly) about my favourite products. Lately I'm in love the Hera Marker. I'm not much of a machine quilter really but while quilting the Pinwheels quilt, (last post) I used this to mark the quilting lines. Just rule lines as you would with a pencil. It leaves a beautiful crease for you to follow. No blue pen or pencil marks ever again! Marvellous! Another product I'm using alot more is the Helmar Basting Spray. No more pins, just sandwich your quilt with the spray adhesive. Easy.
AND the other product I really love is the Roxanne Glue. Especially when I'm doing applique. I'm using it to attach my pies (Pies and Tarts BOM) to their background fabric, instead of pins. Glue around the circle, stick to fabric and stitch around. That is just one use! It's also great to attach your bias strips for applique.

Well, Im about to close the shop and head for home. I will be back here on 5th. January, although I won't be far from my computer and will do some posting.
This is what I'll be tending to while away... the garden.
We have been putting the last of the vegetables in our garden. Here is DH, working madly (he wouldn't keep still for the pic!) We are late this year, so hopefully things will still be okay before Autumn. I think there is still alot of Summer to go!

Tomorrow I'll be making the pavlova for Xmas Day as well as nibbly treats. yeh...
Christmas cheers to you all , ***Jane ***

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Cheer

We have had a great couple of weeks, with all our Clubs having Kris Kringle and Christmas break-ups. I must say I am overdosed on sweets! And some lovely KK pressies. This 'Baguette bag', I made for our Apple Piecers group, (pattern from Homespun magazine.) The theme this year was 'bags'.

And this is my present in return, a cute 'champagne bottle' bag. I reckon I can hold two bottles in it, with no worries! Thank you Di, I love it!

I have also just made this cot quilt for my cousin's new granddaughter, 'Ruby Grace', whom we'll see on Christmas Day. I felt it needed to be in red and at the moment, I'm pretty keen on pinwheels. I loved making it, I hope they'll like it too.

Now with the 'shop' rush over, I have a bit of time to do a little bit more shopping and baking next week and I'll be right for Friday! I am open on Tuesday then closed until 5 January. Looking forward to a few quiet days sewing, somewhere in that time.
On the home front, the boys are now full swing with the cherry harvest. The rain being unkind to us again this year. Lots of cracked cherries as well as bird damage. You do wonder, why we do it......in the hope of a good year?? one day....

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A 'bag' of a week

I actually have been rather busy, besides preparing all the fabrics (previous post). Friday I joined our class and (finally) made a Market Bag with Sara. Pretty rapt, took it to the pub for dinner that night... looking very squish. No-one commented on it though....
Thought I might make a couple more, for Chrissie pressies. They are great to do. AND I completed another bag this week, for my Kris Kringle with one of my Apple Piecers Clubs. So I just better give you a sneek peak of that one. Had all year to do it! As usual I leave things to the last minute. Better than last year though, I think I was still stitching the day before!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Heaps of Fabric

Just unpacked, priced, cut fat quarters (not folded yet) and displayed the new ranges which have arrived this week! This one being 'Meadowsweet' by Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller. We have the Peach collection. This is a wonderful new complete range by Denyse Schmidt, 'Hope Valley'. A beautiful feel to this Free Spirit range- smooth and luxurious...vintage and different. Another fabulous range is 'Civil War Homefront' by Barbara Brackman and Moda. This is a great addition to our reproduction range.
We also have Fat Quarter Bundles of the full range available, jelly rolls and turnovers.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Adelaide Craft and Quilt Show

As the Melbourne Cup runs.... and a very quiet shop... thought I would just let you know, I will be at the Adelaide Craft and Quilt Show as usual .. same spot. ..E14
Hope to see you all there!
Good day to pack up everything!!!

PS This BOM pattern by Bunny Hill Designs 'Le Jardin', has just arrived. Anne used 'Rouenneries' but of course any delicious fabrics would do.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rouenneries Has Arrived!

Its here!
'Rouenneries' by French General fabrics have arrived. We have so many to choose from, with accessories to match. eg. sewing bag, notebook, needle book, scissor roll and Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Charm Packs and Fat Quarter Bundles of the full range. You'll be spoilt for choice!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Civil War story quilts

As promised, here are the quilts, the 'Civil War Girls' made on our mini break. This is Sara's original design deplicting the whole Civil War. The flag, colours (north and south), Mississippi River flowing through the fields, slavery, the bloodshed and the Underground railway. I hope this is right (Sara). You all get the gist of it all anyhow. A lovely quilt.
This is Vicki's version.
And Kathleen's.

And Anne's. Border still to come, as is Rhonda's.

Perhaps this is another good class idea. Lots of quick rotary cutting techniques involved never lone the story factor.
Lots of storms and bad weather bringing lots of rain here in the Hills and S.A. over the last day or two. Flooding, storm damage and broad-acre crop losses have been reported. For a change the Hills weren't too badly off, Adelaide having more rain than us!
Yesterday on my day off, I actually had a few hours of sewing. With the weather like it was, I was only too happy to stay indoors. Can't believe it, I started the quilt for the shop's 15 years of business, '15 stars for 15 years'. I'll take some pics and show you and @ night I'm working on the 'Pies and Tarts'! Will show you some of them too soon. Don't know what's gotten into me!!
cheers til next time, Jane ***

Thursday, September 17, 2009

CWG retreat

After work on Saturday, I headed off to Victor Harbor for our first CWG retreat. The 'Civil War Girls' had a project designed by Sara to work on, while I HAD to catch up and finish projects. Below is my Layer Cake quilt, using 'Gypsy Rose' fabrics. A little sample to 'show off' the 'Wiscasset' range.
The CWG will have a show n tell on Friday, so I will have some quilt pics to show you.
Next Year, we are planning to have an exhibition of reproduction quilts. So keep a look out!
Here is Anne, (alias TT) looking like she's working!

This is my 'work in progress'.
Thanks go to Stuart too, who unselfishly hopped on his Harley and had to deliver some dumb persons bag, which she forgot and left behind... I know it was a hardship for him but very much appreciated by her!

And here we are set for home, sadly. They all have huge smiles but that is all show.. a facade.. we didn't really want to go home... yet anyhow.
What a great bunch. I feel I have such close buddies, it was just what I needed and we'll certainly do this again. hey Sare?
Rhonda, Anne, Vicki, Kath and Sara.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Happy Birthday Sarah! This is my baby girl - 20 yesterday! Where has the time gone.
A dear little red haired baby, my smallest, arrived on the due date on a sunny day. I'll never forget DD1 meeting her for the first time (she had a cold and hadn't been able to visit for a day) and as I put the baby in her arms... her little face just lit up and it was love-at-first-sight, she doted on her little sister. They have always got on well. All three do get along well now but of course we've had some moments!
Sarah began the year in the U.S.A. for 2 months. Since returning she had put everything into getting a job and working hard and her mission is saving for a house.

Sarah and Olivia and I went to BTS Cafe (or Better Than Sex) for afternoon tea yesterday. That was Sair's request. As you may have gathered, we love cupcakes and especially the cafes they come from! This one is amazing! An absolute gorgeous store in the city (Adelaide), selling the best cupcakes! A must see here.

Then we came home - that's was all we did! Dinner with all the family and Sarah's bff, Kimberly.

Another era has passed. No teenagers @ home. Congratulations my darling. Wishing you a lifetime of dreams coming true.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

'French General' Giftware has arrived.

Just arrived ! 'French General' giftware, all using the 'Rouenneries' fabrics. Gorgeous Sewing Bag, Sewing book, Scissor roll, and Notebook. We have the 'Rouenneries' Honey buns in stock now and waiting for more Jelly Rolls, Fat 1/4 bundles and Layer Cakes. I suppose you think, us Quilt Shop owners sit all day and sew. How wrong are you! How I wish. This is what I've been doing a lot of lately... cutting kits for Quiltaid. This is just a few!
And there.. more to mail out. This is just one kit! We do lots of kit cutting, folding and packing.
Fun hey! Actually I don't mind small doses of kit cutting. eg a new one is fun! Once a few are done it can then be tedious. Oh the hardships!

Now I've said how I don't get time to sew...much. I have had a bit of a spurt on lately. Im doing some 'Pies and Tarts' to show you our Block of the Month. We have two alternatives, clear and crisp colours or other. (which is just not as clear!) I wouldn't go as far as muddy but not as white.
Anyhow, they are really fun to do and Im so enjoying making them. Will show you when I have a few together.
I'm off for a day or two of retreating! Going to Sara's house @ Victor Harbor with the Civil War Girls (girls who are addicted to Civil War type quilts and making them here in the shed, in class).
Should be a nice time and I can get some more Pies made!
Check out my newsletter/class list on my website.
I've finally got it done. Its packed with info. Classes are filling already.
Til next time, I'll show you some of my 'retreat' work.!!?? (it might end up, just a lot of eating and drinking!) cheers Jane

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A good rain, brings in customers!

Well, while the Power and the Crows are playing, (it can get quiet here-believe it or not!) this post, I thought I would show you some new products in store or coming to the 'apple shed'. This little bag is 'The Fat Quarter bag' pattern by Melly and Me. We have made the sample (thanks Lyn) in the 'Andalucia' fabrics. (btw my ears pricked up the other day, when I heard Hamish and Andy were driving through Andalusia, Alabama- see, we do learn things as quilters!!) Just had news of the release of Gail Pan's first book 'Baskets in Bloom'. It will be here next week for $32.00. Well done, Gail! She would be so excited.
One of our new block-of-the-month's is 'Pies and Tarts' Size: approx. 70" square $35.00 for 10 months Each month for 10 months you will receive enough fabric to make 10 pie blocks and small pie fillers. The first month you will receive "Playing with Paper " Pack 12 (Includes: instructions, perspex templates and papers for month 1) along with your first lot of fabrics.The remaining months you will receive fabric and pre - cut papers.
Well it hasn't been quiet at all, its taken me forever to do this today. Not complaining.
Been madly cutting kits this week, in between writing my newsletter/class list. (out next week).
Quiltaid has me on my toes. Needing more kits still. Which is wonderful. The response has been terrific. More strippy retro kits have been done and a newey, 'Window Boxes'. A very large quilt (76 x 100") in blues, greens and cream flowers. A pretty bed quilt. We have a made sample.
Here is Rosalie Quinlan's new book. This much awaited book and new fabric range is due Sept/Oct. Our Aussie designers, do us proud!

Seeing the radio has just played, 'Choir Girl'. I thought I would add 'him' too. We went to see Jimmy Barnes a week or so ago, yeh I know, again... He just gets better with age! Its so good, he's everywhere at the moment, releasing a new album... radio, TV, on tour. Can't get enough.

Lots of rain here in Woodside as well as Lenswood (home). The highest rainfall in the state. We have just had more thunder bringing more rain today. We would be over 100 mm now this month. Bring it on! I like it when it rains, not only is it good for our apples, cherries, paddocks, rivers etc. it is great for business. In the quilting business rain seems to attract customers to a quilt shop, with the need to shop and sew!

Jimmy and I say, 'See ya'.
Off home now for some 'cheap wine' and put the feet up! Jane ***

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Quilted Crow shop visit

The Crow Girls!

When you visit Hobart next, you must drop by and see The Quilted Crow. The shop is fabulous. And Leonie and Deidre are delightful. We had a delicious lunch with Helen and I hung around for the rest of the day with them. We had a great day.

Got to say, I have never been greeted with a great sign before. It stopped me in my tracks! So special!
Its so nice having great mates in the industry doing the same stuff. Thanks guys! You'll have to visit me next time. Enjoy Houston and see you in Melbourne.

We even took corny pictures of ourselves!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tasmania continued

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Our time in Tassie has sadly come to an end. It is certainly lovely having time to do... nothing. DH had the cherry industry conference while I pleased myself on my days activities! We did do alot of eating and drinking... and socialising with good friends - that is partly why I go! Looking around being another reason! This trip I did alot of walking too.. the exercise didn't seem to help counteract all the eating though.
The beautiful harbour of Hobart welcomes the traveller with tranquility, as the boats rock gently in their marina. Snow capped Mt. Wellington dwarfs the city but seems to be quietly keeping an eye on things.

I particularly love Battery Point and Salamanca Market. Tasmania being on of the oldest states of Australia has wonderful old architecture, so a wander around the old buildings for me, is heaven. A stop now and again for a cappucino is a must for the weary walker who is sooo out of condition.

Winners are....

The lucky winners of the Christmas in the Hills, fat quarter bundles are:
Sue SA , pink needles and jstick.
Please send me your address and I will send asap.
Thank you for your lovely comments everyone.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Christmas in the Hills part 1

Christmas in the Hills was a special time of indulgence. The ladies enjoyed the gathering, with lovely stitching and friendship. Lots of goodies to eat, to buy, enjoy or win! My dear Sarah DD3, has been busy making pinwheels for the goodie bags for ages. (one of Rosalie's patterns in her 'Gift' book) All three girls did a wonderful job, helping me out with preparations while Sara ran the shop so well, leaving me to be able to 'swan' around and enjoy and chat to everyone!
Heres Rosalie Quinlan addressing her group of followers!

One lucky lady, Sandi even won a bundle of Rosie's new fabric range. Take a look, its gorgeous. We will have the range, as soon as possible. Possibly around end of year, once its released. Why not pre-order a fat quarter bundle now!

Finally a big thank you to all the ladies and I do hope you enjoyed your Christmas in July.

Seeing I was supposed to have a give-away last post - being my 50th. AND because I haven't posted for sooo long... I have been rather hectic.... I will have my first giveaway NOW!!!
Leave a comment on... 'what I wish for this Christmas' .....and I will randomly pick a winner.
Prizes are: Bundles of Fat quarters of Christmas fabrics. How about 3 winners.
Seeing I'm in Tasmania now- on holiday, I will draw the winners , Tuesday 11 August.
Jane *