Saturday, December 5, 2009

A 'bag' of a week

I actually have been rather busy, besides preparing all the fabrics (previous post). Friday I joined our class and (finally) made a Market Bag with Sara. Pretty rapt, took it to the pub for dinner that night... looking very squish. No-one commented on it though....
Thought I might make a couple more, for Chrissie pressies. They are great to do. AND I completed another bag this week, for my Kris Kringle with one of my Apple Piecers Clubs. So I just better give you a sneek peak of that one. Had all year to do it! As usual I leave things to the last minute. Better than last year though, I think I was still stitching the day before!


Nic Wood said...

They look fantastic Jane - I really want to make one of those market bags, I love them! THe fabrics you used are gorgeous.

Nic xxx

Lorraine said... the sneak peek of the Kris Kringle bag....we had our little stitching group gtg on Saturday and laughed that we pick a name to make for at our January gtg....might as well leave it to November because we are all guilty of leaving the present making to the last minute...although I did have mine finished the weekend before which was pretty good for me.....all using beautiful fabric purchased from The Patchwork Apple....!!