Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Melly and Me's book has arrived!

Have received our first delivery of Melly's first book 'Kaleidoscope'. Well done, Mel. Loads of photos with wonderful patterns . If you have little ones, this book is a must, even if you don't there are some quilt designs and bags as well of lots of inspiration!
Sometimes customers are after the exact fabric from the book and/or patterns. While the fire is hot, I thought I would let you know, the more 'unusual' fabrics we have which Mel has used in some of her projects.
1. 'Robo pack' -numbers fabric.
2. The fun 'Fiesta' bag, we have the funky main fabric of sewing notions. (I might need one of those!)
3. The traffic fabric on 'Melvin's' overalls also.
Now I guess you just need the book, just order one from our website www.patchworkapple.com.
Had to use Mel's photo, hope that is okay, my camera has gone to China for a holiday.
Today I have ordered a new range, 'Whimsy'. This is not delivered for a few months yet but thought I would whet the appetite.... Seeing my camera is having a good time without me in China. I'm borrowing other's pictures for this blog!

Look out for my next blog, it will be my 50th! Seeing I've turned 50 too (in March), maybe I will celebrate with a giveaway. No I don't think there will be 50 prizes - maybe something worth 50c !!!!! LOL I will give it some thought, until then.