Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

After a day of last minute run arounds and preparing food for tomorrow, a bit of a sit down and a beer is welcome. Have made 3 salads for Xmas lunch and dinner(doubled all recipes)- bestest pasta salad, chick peas and cranberries and jellied pineapple and carrot. 2 pavlovas which will have huge strawberries, my special garlic dip, and a cauliflower au gratin. Tomorrow will get the turkey on early, to go with the free-range ham - better be the best we've ever had- what I paid for it!!! As well as Xmas pudding. DD3 had the 'beats crankin''(carols) all afternoon while she set the table, hulled strawberries and general helping.
Lunch tomorrow is with our family and Dad (7) with dinner @ my cousins in the city. This year is a bit quieter than normal, my brother and family are away, the aunties etc. are getting a bit old now and stay home. The weather looks to be 31C which is perfect. It won't be the same this year, it will be the first year without Mum, so we will be a bit lost.
We will remember the good times @ Xmas and wish she was still here.
Merry Christmas to everyone. EAt and drink lots and enjoy your families!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. We've had a bad time of it lately. Firstly we had 2" of rain and just about ruined our cherry crop. DH is very disheartened but certainly doesn't say die! 80% damage but will pick a few after Xmas. Its not so much losing the fruit (it is) but its the time spent all year working towards the crop in Dec. Its such a high risk product, generally having a good season every 5 years. I am as my DH, fifth generation apple/cherry growers and I still find it hard to understand, why primary producers keep at it. Then during the summer we have to 'stretch' the water for the apple crop in Feb/Mar. Weird isn't it..

The day it rained I spent in bed, with gastro then DH has had it most of the week-of course it was alot worse than my 'bout'... why is that? DD1 has had it too, hopefully thats all. A great week....not. I'm now back on track, not losing any weight and eating normally again, thank goodness, this time of year is all about food.. isn't it?

Our town next door, Lobethal has the Xmas Light Festival. So far I have been in twice, for a look around the busy main street and of course a drive around the town to view all the houses and their Chrissie lights everywhere and I mean everywhere!! Some houses are massed with lights! So pretty. For as long as I remember we have to go in and 'look at the lights'. Its a tradition. As a kid, Mum and Dad would drive us around after the pageant, more recently we would bundle the girls in the car and have a look see. The girls even go in during the weeks on their own (or with friends). The pageant on Tuesday night is of course, compulsory. The Woodside pageant is on Monday night which is fantastic too.

We had Sarah's farewell party on Sunday. DD3 is off to USA for 13mths. as an au pair in New Jersey. It was a lovely party although Im not looking forward to the day of departure... at all. She has 3 children to look after and will love it. I will keep you posted on her venture. It will be 'therapy' for a lost mum.
Last day of work today, as Loz said to me, 'we're taking the rest of the year off!' I'll be back for business on the 6 Jan. It will be lovely just being home (especially with DD3) but with DD1's Engagement Party and Xmas and New Years all happening, not sure there will be too much sewing and resting.
Cheers Jane

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Olivia turns 23!

'Tea Cosy, Tea Party' Class was held on Saturday with a lovely industrious group. Tea/coffee was sipped and cupcakes enjoyed while yo-yos and frills were churned out!
I actually expected more sipping and munching, than the amount of sewing that was generated. The gingham(with frills along the bottom - hidden) is Janelle Wind's pattern, while the Iced Yo-Yo Tea Cosy is mine.

Before our ' Tea Party' began I felt so special to be invited to lunch with the lovely Vicki, Yvonne and Gerrie. Not very often I get out of the shop so it was so nice to be able to sit and enjoy.

DD2 turned 23 on Monday, the 1st. December. 1st day of Summer and it feels like Xmas... so that means putting up the tree. 'Its my birthday not Xmas'.. we hear. I actually did put up the tree on Sunday but told her not to look until after her birthday.... She didn't have a real pleasant day, health-wise but cheered up for the cake! I always say, cake helps!!

She's been to TAFE all year and has just got a job, so her life begins in her career choice as a Beauty Therapist.

Liv, I wish you good health and happiness for your 24th year. hugs and kisses.xxxx

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wow, Ive just received an order and its all Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Promo Packs, Sweet Rolls and the newies Turnovers (triangles)!! Heaps all @ once! Im now in competition with the bakery next door! So if you would like a large choice of designs, now is your chance!!
The ranges are: Sweet by Urban Chiks, Beach House by Blackbird Designs, Flag Day Farm by Minick and Simpson, Legacy by Howard Marcus, Urban Couture by Basicgrey, Fresh by Deb Strain, Snippets by American Jane, Love is in the Air by Deb Strain, Tradition by Howard Marcus, Sleepytime by Lori Gardner, Hello Betty by Chloes Closet (in 1930 and Retro), Patisserie by Fig Tree Quilts, Wildflower Serenade by Kansas Troubles, Butterfly Fling by Me and My Sister, Portebello Market by 3 Sisters and Cranberry Wishes by Kansas Troubles and Soiree by Lila Tueller. I won't differenciate which ones are Jelly Rolls or Layers etc. but most designs have at least 2 choices of cuts. I realise those names may mean nothing to you but you can check them out @ Moda or better still come on in or call us. There are plenty of patterns and books with ideas on how to use them.
Great fun especially in the holidays. We have sold a few already today so be quick.

We now have more colours in the delicious Finca Presencia Threads, which we used for our Gathering with Helen Stubbings. Perfect for all stitcheries- no need to separate threads.

We are having another Market Bag Class on Friday 12 December 10am-1pm. These have been really popular and ideal for gifts for Chrissy. The girls usually get one completed with another one on the way.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Australian Quilt Market- Melbourne

Some gear I brought back from Quilt Market. NEW Sweet Rolls, Amy Butler patterns and flyers , with brochures from all sorts!
Leanne Beasley, Rosalie Quinlan and Gail Pan from Creative Abundance.

Amy Butler and me!

The biggest highlight at this year's Quilt Market (for shop owners), was meeting Amy Butler. She is so delightful as well as so clever and inspirational. I sat in on 2 of her presentations as well as chatted for ages with her @ the end of Saturday's market. She kindly signed a copy of her 'Midwest Modern' book for me also. Her longer presentation was about her and her family; David and 3 cats, her home(s) and her designing. The full room was silent, listening to every lovely word she said while watching her wonderful video.

Throughout the days, I saw some great new fabrics especially Amy Butler's Midwest Modern II as well as Moda's newies (of course). My favourite being a retro, 'Sweet' by Urban Chiks. We have in stock new Layer Cakes in 'Sweet', 'Flag Day Farm' and 'Urban Couture'. Jelly Rolls and the new Sweet Rolls (1 1/2" strips) in 'Sweet' and Charm Packs in 'Flag Day Farm' and 'Soiree'. Keep a look out for the 'honey buns' - 2 mini 'sweet rolls' in a box with pattern! Devine! Limited though.
We now have some pre-cut bindings on the roll (which I've been thinking about for ages..).

Another highlight was chatting with the Creative Abundance gang. A great booth full of new inspirational gear from Rosalie Quinlan, Gail Pan, Leanne's House, Melly and me, Lynette Anderson, Cinderberry Stitches, Candlelight Creations and Janelle Wind.
Pattern Press was always busy too. Helen Stubbings, now with 'The Quilted Crow' girls and 'One Red Robin'. These delightful girls are always good for a chat! Not forgetting Marg Low, Kerry Guillespe and the gang from The Birdhouse and Hatched and Patched.
One of the busiest booths was Highland Quiltworks, selling masses of Amy's books! As well as XLN selling her fabrics and having her signing her books. Madness!
We have a wonderful industry, with delightful people. So nice to catch up with good friends and acquaintances. Especially nice to have a surprise visit by Deb from Geelong. Such a dag!
As well as my travelling partner and friend, Dianne.

Friday, November 14, 2008

She's arrived.

She's arrived and in great shape! DH found this little sweety in the States, so she has come a long way to join our family. We have both been in love with Mustangs like.... forever, now our dream has come true! We are so lucky to have her, she's a beauty.
One problem... I have to go to Melbourne for the weekend (trade show). Well I suppose, its a good chance for her to bond with her dad...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Procrastination is major.

Had a lovely day yesterday. Delivered my brother and sister-in-law to airport (they're off to Italy...) We are minding my nephew, Alex (12) for the 2 weeks while they're gone. Waved the plane goodbye and enjoyed a much needed coffee and hot choccys @ Cocolat. When boys of 12 are sad, we always apply food!!

DD2 is training as a Beauty Therapist so DD3 and Alex(!) and I enjoyed a couple of hours there, having a facial and makeup. (for her prac.) Very nice, wish I could do it every week. Sadly I've been trying for ages and now she has only a couple weeks left... DD3 and DD2 even 'encouraged' Alex to try on some wicked blue falsh eyelashes, only for a minute or two.
Being our wedding anniversary (29th) I kept the makeup on.

Now I have some unpacking to do... Procrastination is major! After I post by blog, after a coffee, after I sort the mail.... I'm heaps better when I do it asap. Gotta get it done before tonight. We have our Xmas Cheer Club, so we might need a clear table to work on!

Had a good time @ the Quilt Fair. Always nice to see familiar faces walking by! No of course not, everyone drops by and at least says hi!
Big week this week. Is one supposed to rest with 'shingles'. Not a chance. Just keep taking the pills... Xmas Cheer Club tonight, Beginners Class tomorrow night, with BOM needing to be sent. Big day Friday. Prepare for Melb. Trade show, take my DAd to Dr. in arvo and early evening attend a concert on the river banks of Mannum with Adam Brand and Jimmy Barnes!!! Then early morning flight to Melb. for trade show for weekend. Attend lectures and hopefully meet Amy Butler. Perhaps order a few things..
Well the time has come. Boxes here I come...

11th hour of the 11th month. Lest we forget...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All set for the Fair.

Well I'm set up and ready for action! That is ready for the Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair ... starting tomorrow. Setting up today was a lot quicker than usual. Had help from DH (with carting of the gear) and DH3 (with setting up). DH at the moment is very helpful because I have shingles. He's had them and knows exactly how painful they are. I was diagnosed on Monday... which I said to the Dr. was such good timing.... not....
So long as I keep up the pain killers, Im fine.
Anyhow I think my booth, looks really pretty. Come on by and say hi! Booth E14. We have lots of new kits, patterns and fabrics.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

These 3 'larikins' have been blogging for ages and never met ... until Sunday. It seemed they got on very well! All lovely girls, whom Ive know for many years. Kris, Granny Loz and Daisy Jayne.


DD 1 and boyfriend for 5 years announced yesterday, they are getting married. At last! (we all said..) They are building a house, so we were hoping 'wedding bells' were in the future. Not until Nov. 2010 though. Mainly due to the fact DD3 is away in the US all next year and Nov. is a lovely time for a garden wedding, we have to wait. Thank goodness, I say. Will have to save now...

A few more photos, thought you may enjoy, of Sunday.

Getting started with their colourque.
Cherre, Vicki and Rhonda stitching.

Quilt on the right is Helen's NEW 'Ginger Spice'. We have the patterns available. Fabrics also available, are 'Ginger Blossom'. This pattern is great for Jelly Rolls.

'Gathering in the Hills'

Sorry people, its been days since the 'Gathering' but finally Im here to tell you about our day on Sunday. Helen Stubbings did a superb job passing on her knowledge and the girls learnt the technique of colourque as well as perfecting their stitching. Thanks to Sarina for her delicious food, including cupcakes, butterfly cakes and heart-shaped lamingtons and jelly cakes (and that was just morning tea!). While Im at it, thanks go to my girls for their help, it wouldn't have been half as good, thanks Jessica and Sarah, as well as Sara on the day.

Bloggers Kris, Loz and Marcia all met for the first time, sat together and got on 'like a house on fire'. Stuff like this is very special and Im glad Im a part of that. Its so nice to see so many lovely people all enjoying themselves and the craft we love.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting ready...

Getting ready for our 'Gathering in the Hills'. All excited with everything now coming together. We are really going over the top, so be prepared! A sneek peek of what I made yesterday while I was waiting for our Xmas Cheer Club girls to arrive. Obviously very easy to make! So thrilled how it worked out, using the laminated fabric and jumbo ric-rac, I might make more!

'Neenies Garden' quilt arrived yesterday too. Designed by Helen Stubbings, and is our new Block of the Month.
Must fly, some big boxes have just been delivered from Moda. New flannels in 'Butterfly Fling', 'Charisma' and 'Woodland Bloom'. Others are 'Butterfly Fling' (regular cotton) and 'Harvest Home'. Bit of work now to unpack, catalogue and find ROOM!!!
Cheers Jane

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cherry Blossom Time

The first day of daylight saving, in the evening, we went to check out the cherry blossom. DH said it was impressive this year and when one is a cherry grower, we have to see these things and look interested. Not really hard, it is beautiful to see. Bonus points for interested wife!!!

So I took lots of pictures! (can't work out how to display them nicely on this post though, sorry.. I bet its something very easy...) ... now my font icon has disappeared...

Had a wonderful Monday, I was able to sew all day! Can't tell you what I was sewing, (its a surprise for our 'gathering') but I am so rapt and excited! I have a bit of a sewing 'bug' at the moment. I want to keep at it but as well know, 'life' gets in the way...

Lots of preparations are happening for next Sunday's 'Gathering in the Hills'. So I had better get back to it!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Iced Yo-Yos are done!

The 'Apple Cobbler' quilt arrived yesterday from Helen. It is gorgeous and looks so good on the wall! Bookings are filling so if you are interested in coming to our 'Gathering in the Hills' contact me.

I have finished my Yo Yo tea cosy for our class on Sat. 29 Nov. - make a tea cosy or coffee plunger cover and enjoy a delicious afternoon tea of cupcakes. I thought I might make another one (madness?) using Amy Butler's range for a real 'funky cosy'.

DH and I went to watch the Bay to Birdwood run, go through Gumeracha on Sunday. Most years we go to watch the old cars, trucks, utes and bikes go by. A lovely few hours spent. A great band plays as we sit in the pleasant sunshine and wave to the traffic! This year was the vintage cars with the classics next year (which I love!) We hope we can drive our 1966 Mustang next year!!

Cheers Jane

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My lovely customers.(friends)_

Had a lovely visit from my 2 best friend 'bloggers'. On Tuesday granny loz and her friends stayed awhile!! Yesterday Kris, 2 daughters and grand baby dropped by. So nice to see DDno.2 home from the US and of course DDno.1 and baby.

Granny loz told me to show you all, the Valdani Threads. They are gorgeous! Just as I was getting that photo, a delivery arrived with the new 'Daisy Chain' fabrics by Amy Butler. Only 6 so far to show you. So thought I would show these off too!

Am doing a spot of sewing, trying to finish a yo-yo tea cosy! I am soooo good at starting projects but finishing!!! Also am doing the first block of 'Butterfly Garden' BOM. Show you that when completed. (block 1 that is).

This blogging really get one in!!! I want to just keep going and do no work!

Til' next time, Jane

I do like Mondays!

Mondays are my 'day off'. Generally full with 'stuff' eg. visiting my Dad, work appointments, banking, housework inc. washing, drying and folding (I don't iron much now) and the boring food shopping. Not much left for a movie or a bit of a sew? DDno.3 usually wants to do 'something', seeing she is home Mondays too. This week I said ..... what will happen will happen .. I don't care. So I did the compulsary washing and drying and headed off to the hairdresser! That was my day. (besides some computer work... which was 'supposed' to be quick!) It was a terrible day, weather-wise. Windy, hail and cold. So I enjoyed my 'flash' of a day, which is NEVER long enough.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

'Gathering in the Hills' with Helen Stubbings

Here is the quilt, Helen will be teaching @ our Gathering. It looks so pretty using the 'Posh' range of fabrics. Her colourque technique is the centre Medallion block. It is being quilted now and should be in store on show very soon. Book now to join us.

We have just received all the gorgeous fabrics 'Sweet Escape' for the Block of the Month, 'Neenies Garden'. Have started cutting ready to send out. The colours are the same as the photo.

Thought I would show you my Amy Butler display. Her book 'Midwest Modern' and fabrics. (and quilt kit, 'Lollipop Lipstick').
Till next time, Jane

Friday, September 5, 2008

New fabrics

Thought I would show you some new fabrics. 'Farmers Market' by Michael Miller is so pretty. Haven't made anything but have ideas!! BUT we have a new 'Funky Teens' quilt kit using the Alexander Henry range in orange, black, yellow, blue and green.

A re-arrange I said. I wasn't expecting to do such a change! My DD suggested we move the counter.. it all then went pear shaped! No I guess not exactly 'pear shaped' but you know, you move one thing so another needs moving and so on... but I love the outcome!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Well the SALE is nearly over, making room for new fabrics etc. and a re-arrange. I keep saying I'm going to re-arrange but it might not happen exactly how Im thinking. It's all about room!! Lovely to see many of my 'faithful' customers.

Just had the 'Civil War Legacy' quilt quilted, now ready to hand sew the binding. It's been ready for awhile, then my visitors arrived and still the quilt sits.... maybe tomorrow.

It has been such an enjoyable class, we'll have it again next year. Sara has lots of snippets of history about the 'Civil War' to share as you stitch. Her sample is in blue and beige, so nice and different to this pink, green and brown.
cheers for now, Jane

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Visitors have gone..

Have had a few days off, due to some US friends dropping by. The first day I took the ladies around the Hills and the Barossa while the men had a cherry conference. Had a tasty gourmet basket of cheese etc. for lunch @ Maggie Beers. Wine tasting @ Grant Burge and Nepenthe to name a few. The Old Woollen Mill /Market @ Lobethal is delightful for another afternoons outing. ITs lovely having visitors, its like being on holidays yourself! Lots of good food and wine seems to be consumed. 2 left Friday evening, 2 more this morning. Tasmanian friend was here for 3 days last week and another from NSW.
Back to the normal 6 of us. For how long? Thanks to Sara and Jessica who manned (womaned) the fort.
Must now get ready for our Sale this week. Get the head around work again. Not too difficult.