Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Procrastination is major.

Had a lovely day yesterday. Delivered my brother and sister-in-law to airport (they're off to Italy...) We are minding my nephew, Alex (12) for the 2 weeks while they're gone. Waved the plane goodbye and enjoyed a much needed coffee and hot choccys @ Cocolat. When boys of 12 are sad, we always apply food!!

DD2 is training as a Beauty Therapist so DD3 and Alex(!) and I enjoyed a couple of hours there, having a facial and makeup. (for her prac.) Very nice, wish I could do it every week. Sadly I've been trying for ages and now she has only a couple weeks left... DD3 and DD2 even 'encouraged' Alex to try on some wicked blue falsh eyelashes, only for a minute or two.
Being our wedding anniversary (29th) I kept the makeup on.

Now I have some unpacking to do... Procrastination is major! After I post by blog, after a coffee, after I sort the mail.... I'm heaps better when I do it asap. Gotta get it done before tonight. We have our Xmas Cheer Club, so we might need a clear table to work on!

Had a good time @ the Quilt Fair. Always nice to see familiar faces walking by! No of course not, everyone drops by and at least says hi!
Big week this week. Is one supposed to rest with 'shingles'. Not a chance. Just keep taking the pills... Xmas Cheer Club tonight, Beginners Class tomorrow night, with BOM needing to be sent. Big day Friday. Prepare for Melb. Trade show, take my DAd to Dr. in arvo and early evening attend a concert on the river banks of Mannum with Adam Brand and Jimmy Barnes!!! Then early morning flight to Melb. for trade show for weekend. Attend lectures and hopefully meet Amy Butler. Perhaps order a few things..
Well the time has come. Boxes here I come...

11th hour of the 11th month. Lest we forget...

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