Thursday, September 18, 2008

I do like Mondays!

Mondays are my 'day off'. Generally full with 'stuff' eg. visiting my Dad, work appointments, banking, housework inc. washing, drying and folding (I don't iron much now) and the boring food shopping. Not much left for a movie or a bit of a sew? DDno.3 usually wants to do 'something', seeing she is home Mondays too. This week I said ..... what will happen will happen .. I don't care. So I did the compulsary washing and drying and headed off to the hairdresser! That was my day. (besides some computer work... which was 'supposed' to be quick!) It was a terrible day, weather-wise. Windy, hail and cold. So I enjoyed my 'flash' of a day, which is NEVER long enough.


Kris said...

Oh wow! That photo is lovely! A blast from the past. That view used to mean the patchwork apple to me!

virtualquilter said...

Jane, I thought it was against some new law to iron anything except a quilt top about to be sandwiched!
Judy B