Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Olivia turns 23!

'Tea Cosy, Tea Party' Class was held on Saturday with a lovely industrious group. Tea/coffee was sipped and cupcakes enjoyed while yo-yos and frills were churned out!
I actually expected more sipping and munching, than the amount of sewing that was generated. The gingham(with frills along the bottom - hidden) is Janelle Wind's pattern, while the Iced Yo-Yo Tea Cosy is mine.

Before our ' Tea Party' began I felt so special to be invited to lunch with the lovely Vicki, Yvonne and Gerrie. Not very often I get out of the shop so it was so nice to be able to sit and enjoy.

DD2 turned 23 on Monday, the 1st. December. 1st day of Summer and it feels like Xmas... so that means putting up the tree. 'Its my birthday not Xmas'.. we hear. I actually did put up the tree on Sunday but told her not to look until after her birthday.... She didn't have a real pleasant day, health-wise but cheered up for the cake! I always say, cake helps!!

She's been to TAFE all year and has just got a job, so her life begins in her career choice as a Beauty Therapist.

Liv, I wish you good health and happiness for your 24th year. hugs and kisses.xxxx

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Kris said...

Happy birthday Olivia! My Joseph turned 20 on the same day! He has a cousin who's birthday is December 25th so he doesn't think his birthday is near christmas at all! I guess everything is relative!