Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. We've had a bad time of it lately. Firstly we had 2" of rain and just about ruined our cherry crop. DH is very disheartened but certainly doesn't say die! 80% damage but will pick a few after Xmas. Its not so much losing the fruit (it is) but its the time spent all year working towards the crop in Dec. Its such a high risk product, generally having a good season every 5 years. I am as my DH, fifth generation apple/cherry growers and I still find it hard to understand, why primary producers keep at it. Then during the summer we have to 'stretch' the water for the apple crop in Feb/Mar. Weird isn't it..

The day it rained I spent in bed, with gastro then DH has had it most of the week-of course it was alot worse than my 'bout'... why is that? DD1 has had it too, hopefully thats all. A great week....not. I'm now back on track, not losing any weight and eating normally again, thank goodness, this time of year is all about food.. isn't it?

Our town next door, Lobethal has the Xmas Light Festival. So far I have been in twice, for a look around the busy main street and of course a drive around the town to view all the houses and their Chrissie lights everywhere and I mean everywhere!! Some houses are massed with lights! So pretty. For as long as I remember we have to go in and 'look at the lights'. Its a tradition. As a kid, Mum and Dad would drive us around after the pageant, more recently we would bundle the girls in the car and have a look see. The girls even go in during the weeks on their own (or with friends). The pageant on Tuesday night is of course, compulsory. The Woodside pageant is on Monday night which is fantastic too.

We had Sarah's farewell party on Sunday. DD3 is off to USA for 13mths. as an au pair in New Jersey. It was a lovely party although Im not looking forward to the day of departure... at all. She has 3 children to look after and will love it. I will keep you posted on her venture. It will be 'therapy' for a lost mum.
Last day of work today, as Loz said to me, 'we're taking the rest of the year off!' I'll be back for business on the 6 Jan. It will be lovely just being home (especially with DD3) but with DD1's Engagement Party and Xmas and New Years all happening, not sure there will be too much sewing and resting.
Cheers Jane


Lorraine said...

Sorry to hear about the cherry crop Jane.....coming from a farm background I understand the heartbreak that can occur from a hot spell...a dry spell or too much many variables....glad to hear you are over the bout of gastro....and I wish you well for the departure of your happening! I will be first thru the doors when the shop opens again...well maybe not first but will certainly be there to visit before I go back to work.....take care and have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

srobbie said...

Hope you have a restful break with time for a bit of 'battery recharging', Jane.

Look forward o catching up with you in the new year.