Saturday, September 12, 2009

'French General' Giftware has arrived.

Just arrived ! 'French General' giftware, all using the 'Rouenneries' fabrics. Gorgeous Sewing Bag, Sewing book, Scissor roll, and Notebook. We have the 'Rouenneries' Honey buns in stock now and waiting for more Jelly Rolls, Fat 1/4 bundles and Layer Cakes. I suppose you think, us Quilt Shop owners sit all day and sew. How wrong are you! How I wish. This is what I've been doing a lot of lately... cutting kits for Quiltaid. This is just a few!
And there.. more to mail out. This is just one kit! We do lots of kit cutting, folding and packing.
Fun hey! Actually I don't mind small doses of kit cutting. eg a new one is fun! Once a few are done it can then be tedious. Oh the hardships!

Now I've said how I don't get time to sew...much. I have had a bit of a spurt on lately. Im doing some 'Pies and Tarts' to show you our Block of the Month. We have two alternatives, clear and crisp colours or other. (which is just not as clear!) I wouldn't go as far as muddy but not as white.
Anyhow, they are really fun to do and Im so enjoying making them. Will show you when I have a few together.
I'm off for a day or two of retreating! Going to Sara's house @ Victor Harbor with the Civil War Girls (girls who are addicted to Civil War type quilts and making them here in the shed, in class).
Should be a nice time and I can get some more Pies made!
Check out my newsletter/class list on my website.
I've finally got it done. Its packed with info. Classes are filling already.
Til next time, I'll show you some of my 'retreat' work.!!?? (it might end up, just a lot of eating and drinking!) cheers Jane

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