Thursday, September 17, 2009

CWG retreat

After work on Saturday, I headed off to Victor Harbor for our first CWG retreat. The 'Civil War Girls' had a project designed by Sara to work on, while I HAD to catch up and finish projects. Below is my Layer Cake quilt, using 'Gypsy Rose' fabrics. A little sample to 'show off' the 'Wiscasset' range.
The CWG will have a show n tell on Friday, so I will have some quilt pics to show you.
Next Year, we are planning to have an exhibition of reproduction quilts. So keep a look out!
Here is Anne, (alias TT) looking like she's working!

This is my 'work in progress'.
Thanks go to Stuart too, who unselfishly hopped on his Harley and had to deliver some dumb persons bag, which she forgot and left behind... I know it was a hardship for him but very much appreciated by her!

And here we are set for home, sadly. They all have huge smiles but that is all show.. a facade.. we didn't really want to go home... yet anyhow.
What a great bunch. I feel I have such close buddies, it was just what I needed and we'll certainly do this again. hey Sare?
Rhonda, Anne, Vicki, Kath and Sara.

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Nell said...

I am very surprised by the lack of reference to chocolate or alcohol in this post! I was not even slightly surprised to hear about Stuart's mercy ride - does this mean we know Vicki too well!?! Glad you all had fun girls - look forward to seeing the results!