Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Civil War story quilts

As promised, here are the quilts, the 'Civil War Girls' made on our mini break. This is Sara's original design deplicting the whole Civil War. The flag, colours (north and south), Mississippi River flowing through the fields, slavery, the bloodshed and the Underground railway. I hope this is right (Sara). You all get the gist of it all anyhow. A lovely quilt.
This is Vicki's version.
And Kathleen's.

And Anne's. Border still to come, as is Rhonda's.

Perhaps this is another good class idea. Lots of quick rotary cutting techniques involved never lone the story factor.
Lots of storms and bad weather bringing lots of rain here in the Hills and S.A. over the last day or two. Flooding, storm damage and broad-acre crop losses have been reported. For a change the Hills weren't too badly off, Adelaide having more rain than us!
Yesterday on my day off, I actually had a few hours of sewing. With the weather like it was, I was only too happy to stay indoors. Can't believe it, I started the quilt for the shop's 15 years of business, '15 stars for 15 years'. I'll take some pics and show you and @ night I'm working on the 'Pies and Tarts'! Will show you some of them too soon. Don't know what's gotten into me!!
cheers til next time, Jane ***


Lucky-1 said...

Beautiful quilts ladies. :D

Kris said...

Noice. Yay for sewing on your day off Jane!

Sasha said...

Go Jane!!! I can't wait to see the 15 quilt! The civil war quilts are beautiful- I still wish I was there! Jealous!

compassionjuli said...

Where did the civil war quilt pattern come from?