Monday, November 29, 2010

Jessica and Shaynes Wedding Day

The Daylily Garden has a touch of my quilts on haybales, perfecting the setting. This is my old family home, so it makes it all very special. The girls grew up here as much as I did, played on the lawn, had picnics in the fairy garden. Mum would have morning/afternoon teas throughout the garden, in different little vignettes depending on the time of year and the weather. Heres the pile, ready to go. Jemima having a bit of no nappy time beforehand.

continued next post....
P.S. This is extra special, celebrating my 100th post!!!!!


Kris said...

So so pretty Jane! Of course, I knew it would be. Everything your family does is pretty! Thanks for the photos. I love them!

picklesticks said...

Love all the photos! The wedding looked perfect!