Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year.. a new year a new beginning!

Happy New Year to you all!

Had a very quiet one. Kym has been sick with a Kidney stone attack. Ambo. ride to hospital and a visit to Dr., all around New Years. Hes back on deck today at last. Right in the middle of cherry harvest too. Meanwhile I've enjoyed long walks and catching up on some DVDs and lots of visits from Jemima during my break..back to work Tuesday and I'll miss her. It won't be for long...

I am closing the Woodside store by end of Feb. Moving back home and will be on Line as well as doing a few Quilt Fairs around the country for the year. Thats the immediate plan anyhow.

Our Sale begins Tuesday 4th. with 30% off absolutely everything with some items even 50% off.

Store opens @ 9.30am until 5pm.- Tuesday to Saturday SALE will run until sold out.

Hope to see you some time. Jane *

This is quite fitting for my 101 st. post, I reckon!!!


Christine said...

Sorry to here you are closing the shop, hope all goes well with the sale.


Rowena said...

What a shame you are closing the Woodside store, the displays are always amazing and you have lots of projects kitted up to go. Planning to come up to the Hills for a visit when we arrive in Adelaide late next week and hoping to catch up with Woodpatch Quilters. Had my first cherries of the season today, a friend brought large punnets up from the Hills when she arrived for a visit. Stone fruit in the shops here in Darwin goes mouldy pretty quick! Wishing you all the best as you move to an online storefront.
Rowena...Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Darwin

Nic Wood said...

I was really sad to hear of the shop closing Jane - Im sure it must have been a difficult descision. You have to do what is right for you - enjoy what ever life brings your way!!
Nic xxx

Lorraine said...

see you tomorrow Jane! I have taken some extra days off work so I can come visit...!! Sorry to hear Kym has been ill.....hope he is better now.

Natalie said...

Sorry to hear that you are closing the store, but I wish you all the best with what your future holds. Will have to make sure I pop up soon for a visit