Monday, November 29, 2010

Jessica and Shaynes Wedding Day

Beautiful Sundowner apples with cardboard leaves for place settings, surround the vine twigs. Very significant for an apple grower's daughter and the groom who works on the vineyard!

The venue was perfect for the 'feel' we wanted. Party lights and lanterns helped create the atmosphere.

This is Kelly. Our tireless hairdresser and friend. Kelly did all of our hair so well and Olivia did all of the makeup to make us took awhile!!!

The day was just perfect. The girls and boys all looked wonderful. Jessica had planned her wedding beautifully and all went smoothly. I guess that is all we want on our wedding day. Here are all my girls, all looking so beautiful. Jessica and Jemima, Olivia and Sarah.

Here are all the family.

Bride and Groom, baby and Father and Mother of the Bride.

Here's Jemima underneath all the wrapping from all the lovely presents. She was in heaven!

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