Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well Ive unpacked from the AQC (Australasian Quilt Convention) in Melbourne and just about back to normal. A broken cupboard in transit, for the trouble, though.
Was lovely to catch up with so many customers and fellow shop owners.

My DD3 has returned from the US (yes, already) She was very home sick, so fine we're happy for her to return. She's back and running, raring to go. DH and Shayne got stuck into clearing some dead gum trees on the weekend. So us girls were the ones to clean up and drag/cart branches and wood, to the respective burn pile or wood heap. So much for a holiday weekend.

Got the girls working.

Boys having a break.

Our view from the house now, of the dam.

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Sair said...

oh yes what a weekend that was...i rekon i burnt of some calories moving those goddam branchs and logs.