Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here we are, at the Australiasian Quilt Convention in the Royal Exhibition Building in sunny Melbourne. If you were thinking of visiting, why not do-yourself-a-favour (as Molly's says) and come on in and have a look around.

Plenty of quilt shops and quilts for your eyes to feast on.

Speaking of feasting, while here we had a sensational meal on Lyon Street, last night. Man the choice of food here is incredible. Here are our desserts! If we keep this up, I will not be able to fit behind the counter!
Hope to see you there!

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Lorraine said...

The building, your booth and the desserts all look great! It would be nice to come over but unfortunately it won't be happening....looking forward to more pics from the event so I can see what I am missing out on!