Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Day on the Green & Shrinking Sheet

On the weekend we went to see 'Simply Red', Kate Cebrano and Dragon at 'A Day on the Green' in the Barossa Valley. It was a terribly hot and windy day but the change was moving in by the time the concert started making it a wonderfully warm evening. We amazingly found a friend in the crowd (Yvonne) and enjoyed a fantastic night. I loved 'Simply Red' and felt I could stay
A big crowd. (thats just the bar!)
We slipped in front of Yvonne, John and friends. How rude!

Have had a go at the shrinking sheet which has arrived in store. I cross hatched 3 layers, using the shrinking sheet as the backing. Then took it to the steam iron and steamed. And voila! it puffed up! Its fun! For little purses/makeup bags, or just bags would be great. Sorry pictures are around the wrong way. After and then before...Believe it or not, the fabric is the same colour too.

This is the after shot. This is the shot before the 'puffing' happened.


Sair said...

oh what that fabric is awesome, i love that! cute as a little hand bag or purse. Oooo cant wait for that when i get home. :)

Aww you look snuggly at the day on the green lol so MANY people there, far out! Is that Di and Dave snuggling too??? lol omg!! nar surely not.

Anyway great blog, cant wait for your next one :)

Tozz said...

Hi and do tell me more about this shrinking Sheet. I would like to know more and even know a price etc. Thanks and I think it would be great to sew into small bags etc.