Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Its my Birthday!

Flowers, chocolates and bubbles!!
A girl needs chocolate!! thanks Vick

Roses from the rows (of the vineyard)

Okay, okay.... thought I would let you know after all. Its my birthday today. Its my big birthday actually... 50... no point hiding it anymore... I can hear you all now... wow you'd never think!!!!
yeh sure.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my special friends for their lovely wishes (and gifts)... even the postie gave me a cherry ripe! Man.. word gets around!

My dear friends from Tassie even sent a huge arrangement of flowers, choccies and Moet!!!!!
Can't wait to get home and get stuck into that! Thank you ever so much Darren and Susan and hope to see you in August if not before.
I shouldn't really single out people but they are a far away....and we don't see each other much.

My 3 girls came to the shop for lunch. They also organised a special dinner tonight and another on Sunday, with family. So that will all be lovely.

Moments like this though I do miss Mum and friend Annette, who aren't with me now, to share my big day. I remember what they did for my 40th. wow! All I can do is remember the good times we had and enjoy what wonderful family and friends I have now.


Chris said...

Happy Birthday, Jane! Chris O

Gail said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you had a great day!!!! enjoy those chocolates!

Nell said...

Happy Happy Birthday you sneaky girl! Fancy not saying a word when we were there on the weekend!
Hope you have a lovely day.

Kris said...

Happy Birthday Jane!!! I forgot it was today. I was so tempted to come see you today - must have been my subconscious remembering! Instead I kept my promise to the boys and took them out. I loved your comment about your Mum and Annette. How lucky you were to know and love them! I think of Annette every time I come to your shop, she was a special person. How cool that your girls have organised celebrations for your special day! You are blessed to have so many wonderful women in your life!

Hope your birthday week is great and that your big '5' '0' is the best year ever!

Lorraine said...

Happy 50th Jane! Hope you had a fabulous day and enjoy the family celebrations over the weekend..It is times like this we miss those who are no longer with us even more than usual..I am sure your Mum and Annette would be the first in line for a glass of Moet to drink a toast to you on your special day!

clare said...

Happy happy birthday . Hope you had a great day .
clares craftroom

Di said...

Happy 50th Jane. I hope you had a great day. We will have to have a drink to celebrate next time we catch up!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Jane! I hope you had a wonderful day

Carmie said...

Happy Birthday! Beautiful flowers and photos. It's my BIG birthday too this year! Ugh!