Monday, October 31, 2011

Quilts Revisited overview

At the beginning of the month I held an exhibition of Repro. quilts from our students from the past few years.
I must say I was extremely happy with how it all looked. With a theme like that, all the quilts enhanced each other.
Rhonda Mathews of Aldgate won the Viewers Choice with her delightful, 'Pond House' quilt.
Jessica looked after The Patchwork Apple shop. She had a display also of The Red Cherry Pattern Collection's quilts.
Beautiful refreshments were served by Sarah and friends, amongst my antique quilt collection.
 Sarah and her 'clever' fella made this great little video of our exhibition. I  hope this gives you an overview of how it all looked. All of you who didn't make it...this is only half of what you missed! Enjoy....


Lorraine said...

what a great overview of the exhibition! Loved it! well done to everyone...we had a great time when we came to visit!

Buffy Young said...

Also loved visiting the exhibition and seeing all the lovely handiwork of the clever crafters in our area. Very inspiring. Please do this again.