Friday, April 1, 2011

New Shop in May

Its April! Yes I know, its April. Im not open ...not until May now. Sorry (Nell) but unfortunately we've had hold ups and in a couple weeks I will be off to AQC in Melbourne, then there is Easter.... So I will be open for business @ my new location in May. Tiers Road, Lenswood.

Only 6km from the old shop.

Along the Woodside to Lenswood road, (Tiers Road) travel 6 km, passing Bonython Road on your right, we are the next house on the left. Once open I will have a sign out the front. Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9.30am to 6pm

We have added a new room/studio to the side of the house, especially for the shop. Very special.

A bit of 'fiddling' still to go, never lone the transfer of goods!! Looking good though. I hope you will all be happy and come visit.

Remember I am still online so if there is anything you need, just have a look there and email me or call 0408 088 678.

Having a lovely break, doing all sorts of things I haven't done in years. Now off for a long walk.

See ya soon, Jane***


Kris said...

It's looking good Jane! Hope you had a lovely walk. (You won't know yourself. I am glad you are enjoying your new life.) Going to check out the website now.

Shontelle said...

Your new shop looks great Jane. I love the horizontal corrugated iron. Can't wait to visit you there. xxx

Nell said...

Just as well I still have lots of projects to finish LOL. April did come around surprisingly quickly! See you the first Tuesday in May!

Kylie Ross said...

Oh Yey I am looking forward to seeing the new shop and some new fabric :)