Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair

Here's Vicki and I ready for the crowds @ Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair. Not looking too bad?
I had a bit of a trip getting there and am feeling a bit seedy at this stage.
Due to Volcanic Ash Cloud over Adelaide on Monday night my flight to Sydney was cancelled....(was due to fly out in the morning).

Within 2 hours of finding out this news, I had a bus trip to Melbourne booked and a flight from Melbourne to Sydney, packed my bag and was on the bus in Adelaide (35min drive)
on a horrible night of rain and wind. Had never travelled overnight before on a bus but it was okay. Not much sleep but I was lucky to have a spare seat next to me, so didn't really have too much to worry about. My 3 life savers, Kym chucked in a blow up cushion at the last minute and Sarah packed me a box of snacks. While Vicki picked me up (in the middle of a busy highway) @ 5.30am just out of Melb., so to catch the flight to Sydney in time.

Straight from airport to set up our booth. Then staggered to the wonderful Holiday Inn, Darling Harbour where we had a brillant stay for the rest of the week. Thanks to Darryl...with 2 Rs. The Red Cherry Pattern Co. was well received and our quilts made the booth look very bright and cheery.

I was very fortunate to attend the Leutenegger 120th. Birthday Cocktail Party on Saturday night at the Sydney Opera House! Absolutely wonderful. The magnificent views of Sydney Harbour, the food and drink and the people made it a night to remember. Congrats Chris and Fiona.

Monday was left for sight-seeing and enjoying the time with good food and coffee. A chance to stretch the legs and absorb the sights and sounds of my fav. city.

Wonderful displays (this one below of macarons) in the new Westfield Sydney Tower.

Fabulous food level and other stores. Vicki made a great discovery in Metallica clothing.

We also saw what all the fuss was about in Zara. Just to be cool! Yes, we saw it all!!

Now I'm back in the shop today and yesterday.

While I love Sydney, looking out my window now, while there's no twinkling lights and sparkling harbour and certainly no people, it's pretty hard to beat!

cheers Jane ***


Chookyblue...... said...

you stand looked lovely.......I did some damage there to the bank balance...........major effort but thanks for doing it........for shoppers like me it is appreciated..........and I like you enjoyed the city but oh it is so nice to be home.........

clare's craftroom said...

Goodness that ash was bad timing for so many ! Your stand looks lovely though !

Maree: said...

I had popped by your stand a few times over the 2 days at the show and it looked Beautiful...
Thanks for stopping by my Blog..

Lenna Green of Stitching Cow said...

Your stall looked great, so many lovely things!!!!