Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Farewell to Woodside

I have only 3 days to go, here @ Woodside in The Apple Shed.
The move from Lenswood to Woodside in 2005 was huge for little ol' me. Honestly, I didn't think I would continue when Annette (my business partner) passed away back in 2000. Years passed and I was still surviving with alot of friends help. Moving meant having permanent help eg. Sara and Jessica and later meant more customers, sure but with that it meant longer hours and a whole lot more 'bookwork' (thanks Dianne) and alot more other issues.
But the journey has been fabulous. The new customers I have met, the hustle and bustle of 'the street' has all been invigorating.
The last few weeks (of the sale) has been what I would have liked all the time. A constant flow of people but unfortunately its not like that in reality, as any shop owner would know. That is not why I am moving back home...its just time...
Here is what my new 'shop' looks like! I will be trading from here every Wednesday as from April...I hope. Tiers Road, Lenswood. 6km from Woodside. Not far!
I will be attending the major Quilt Fairs around Australia, beginning in Melbourne for the AQC.
AND I will be getting in new 'stuff'.. don't worry about that.
I'm just scaling down...

Finally a big thank you especially to Sara for all your enthusiasm, inspiration, help and friendship over the last 7-8 years. Without you, I would have closed back then... The best of luck and good health to you and Lester in your retirement and travel.
To Vicki, who seemed to have flew in and flew out again but will certainly be apart of my life..even though we are now miles apart. Thank you for your humour, tireless help and friendship. I'll see you next @ AQC. (Vicki will be helping me @ the shows).
And to Jessica, my eldest daughter who always, when possible, helped me out.. with fabric as payment....gee I think you owe me some more work!!!
While Im going, I will thank the rest of the family, Kym, Olivia, Sarah and Shayne. There was always someone who helped when available and of course, put up with me...
And finally to all my loyal and regular customers who would pop in and buy, do a class or two or just say hi! A shop is not a shop without you. Thank you,
See you @ Lenswood, Jane


clare's craftroom said...

All the very , very best with your move , I hope it all goes well for you .

Kris said...

Back to the beginning Jane! Oh how I loved to come to Tiers Rd Lenswood and visit you and Annette. From the moment I walked into your shop it was my favourite and always will be. Every quilt shop I visit is measured up to the patchwork apple. I loved that you always welcomed my kids too. I will be popping in with Loz to see you on Friday arvo (A flying visit to Adelaide) and I am sure that my Adelaide visits will magically coincide with Wednesdays from April!

Nell said...

Thank you for being my "happy place" for so many years Jane! I think this winter I will have to make sure that my winter blues coincide with Wednesdays ;)

Without your beautiful shop I would not have met all of the gorgeous Apple Piecers II ladies!

Thanks for everything (and see you the first wednesday in April LOL!)

Lorraine said...

The Patchwork Apple has been a part of my life for years...I used to visit when you were at Tiers Road before the move..can't believe I didn't meet Kris years ago!! I love being part of the 'Apple "family" .....and will need to look at taking RDOs on Wednesdays in future! Goodbye Woodside...Hello Lenswood.....the fun continues!

debz in knots said...

Blogging, hmmmm? I wonder how this works? Here goes!! Best wishes, Jane, for a better 'life/work balance'. I know you will love spending more time with your family and taking things a little easier. For me there is dissappointment, as I was just feeling comfy to pop in to Woodside. I particularly enjoyed the paperbag swap last year. Thanks for the warm smiles, friendly chat and helpful advice. The first day of my working week is Wednesday. So I may only be able to pop in to Lenswood when I am on holidays. I will, however, make a point of doing so when I can. Enjoy!

Nell said...

Oh Jane I miss you already! I had to go to that other big store that will remain nameless for my last lot of cotton and quilt wadding IT IS SO NOT THE SAME as visting TPA. Roll on April :)